DoubleBitch Rant – TV Bloggers

tahmoh-penickett-joss-whedon-eliza-dushku-dollhouse-tv-series-2008-comic-con-photoshoot-mq-01-51748Yes, I’m about to rant about myself.  I hate myself and My life is OVER! okay no, not quite like that but one thing has been irking me lately and most specifically this week.

I hate reviews and we purposely try to stay as far away from the “this is what happened”  kind of posts on here because I find it more interesting and easier to talk about one specific thing in 400 words than to try and sum up a whole hour -though that’s probably a good writing exercise.

What I hate even more than reviews is advance reviews.  I’ve seen post after post this week reviewing pre-screeners of Dollhouse and giving us their take on the show -without giving too much away.  This is stupid!  If I want to watch the show, which the promo and actors and general ‘buzz’ has established that I do then why do I want you to watch it for me and tell me about it?

Television isn’t that new Thai restaurant that you’re not too sure if you really want to order the shrimp at so you order the veggie dish and make your friend take the risk first.  I’m going to watch the first episode regardless of what you say.  There’s this ‘thing’ in news about having the story before it happens but when it comes to something that’s creatively based – if we can call it that, then I think we need to expect people to put the hour effort into finding out for themselves.



~ by doublebitch on February 13, 2009.

One Response to “DoubleBitch Rant – TV Bloggers”

  1. I’ve avoided the Dollhouse reviews and I’m looking forward to checking it out on my own. And of course tuning in here to see your reaction, but I promise not to base my decision on whether to keep watching based on what you say. Well no, I don’t promise that! Guide me!!! 🙂

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