Unimpressive Changes

Rumours that George was leaving Grey’s started months ago, and the ones about Izzy started before the season even began. They’ve done nothing but grow stronger and stronger to the point where they’re sure things now, and I’m kinda shocked because I don’t really care. You’d think that losing two major characters, both of whom have been there since the pilot, would be a big thing.

Now I’m sure somewhere out there is some weird crazy person who actually loves Izzy, or at least a few who are still able to tolerate her. As far as J/DB goes, she’s managed the impressive feat of becoming more hated than Lana. I had no problem with her at first, and everyone loved the Denny storyline, but the problem lies with everything she’s done since the end of season two (and even a bit before, saying as what she was doing at the end of the season there really was crazy, though since then she’s continued to frequently slip from “I’m quirky!” to “I have severe mental problems and should not be a surgeon!” in a way that makes cutting a wire seem pretty tame) being george-izzy-leavinghorrible. I honestly can’t see how keeping this character around could do anything but hurt the show, so I’m actually excited to see her gone.

George on the other hand, way back in the first season became my favourite character. You’d think finding out that my favourite character is trying to leave the show would be upsetting, but George hasn’t been relevant to the show in months. I was actually excited with where things were headed at the end of last season, they’d done some good work at fixing all the terrible crap that season three had done to George’s character, and they gave him Lexie which was a great relationship. Then once he passed his test, the writers seemed to forget he existed. The George/Lexie story just vanished to bring in McSteamy, and George hasn’t had any job-related storylines either. Now he just shows up for crowd scenes, and might have a handful of lines per episode. We haven’t even seen the apartment since Lexie apparently moved into Mer’s attic. It’s hard to be annoyed when a character who’s already been written out of the show is leaving, even if he is your favourite.

I really hope that this frees up some space for some interesting new characters on the show, because this season can be separated into two categories: Bad, and Mark Sloan.



~ by Jerk on February 13, 2009.

5 Responses to “Unimpressive Changes”

  1. I agree, I’m not sad to see them go really but I think we need to re-evaluate the ‘watchability” of the show now. Izzy and George might be sucking but they’re still on the top of the reasons why I tune into the show.

    GA carries SO much behind the scenes-ness that I think it’s really distracting. It’s one of those shows where you never forget who the actors are in favor of who the characters are. I think thats sad.

  2. Couldn’t agree more with you, jerk, especially on Izzy leaving. I was over her before this season rolled around and sex with Ghost Denny has done nothing to make me want her stay. I was very interested in the Alex/Izzy possibility but of course that’s fizzled thanks to Denny too.

    I loved George as well but he’s been so phased out of the show that I think I’ll barely notice once he’s not there anymore. Having him away from the main characters last season really killed his storyline. I think they intended to usher in the interns via George but they never really did it, at least not well. I will miss the old George of season 1 and season 2. I am still watching but I don’t know why either, it’s not like there aren’t enough shows on Thurs night to fill it’s void.

  3. Well, I’d pretty much given up on the show after season three, but season four started really well and pulled me back in. The same thing is happening here, so I’ll give the first episode a chance next fall to win me back.

  4. omg! I freaking love Izzy! I cried so hard when the monitor flatlined, and then even harder when I found out John Doe was George! What a feeling losing those two. I absolutely love both of them, and if either really are leaving, (TR Knight??), then I might actually cry myself dry. I cannot wait until next season just to see what happens with Izz, and Katherine Heigl.

  5. I’m pretty sure that at the end they both died. I could be wrong.. but they both looked pretty dead.

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