Random Question #5

private-practiceOther than the pilot ep that was passed of as an ep of Grey’s, I’d never watched Private Practice until last week, with the prologue ep to the whole crossover thing. So now I’ve watched two episodes of it, and I’ve got a question:

Does Private Practice always feature the world’s worst parents? I mean all I’m seeing her is Maury-esque baby drama and horrible parenting.

You may have noticed that this doesn’t actually fit in with the other random questions, and was in fact my way of ranting a bit about the PP this crossover is feeding me. This is true, what can I say? I was rather sad to see one of my favourite Buffy writers ended up behind this show, but she’s left for Mad Men now, yet another reason for me to watch that. I am enjoying the actual crossover storyline, it’s fun and ‘versey, which isn’t something we get all that much. But the non-crossover bits of both shows so far have been in the ‘meh’ to ‘lame’ range.



~ by Jerk on February 14, 2009.

One Response to “Random Question #5”

  1. I’m wondering if it always includes Doctors holding babies super awkwardly.

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