From Bacon to Dollhouse

baconexplosion4-thefinalglazedproduI was trying to wait on Jerk for this post considering I’m pretty sure we have differing opinions on the series premiere of Dollhouse but he’s still sleeping or making crazy bacon inventions.  Not kidding.  Actual photo evidence.  He made that.  Anyway, the thing that will probably differ our opinions is our level of Whedon worships.  While I recognize the genius that is Joss I was a casual Buffy watcher, I can’t honestly remember if I’ve seen all of firefly or not and I came late to Angel, which I adore.  I’m working on reading the Angel comics, I’m loving them but due to my lack of back story on the Buffy series I probably won’t be reading that.  Jerk on the other hand kisses the ground he walks on.

So no review just a general feeling, Dollhouse is a grower not a show-er.  As dirty as that sounds I think it’s going to ring true here.  It took well into the hour for me to be engaged by the concept.  It felt very Alias to me.  I think part of my problem is that I’ve never really found Eliza to be all that attractive.  None of the dolls really made me go WOW she’s hot.  Maybe that’s refreshing and I’m just overly conditioned to the pretty.  (Yay! Amy Acker though!)

dollhouse-tv-02I’m not sure Eliza was the perfect casting for this part but much like the show I’m going to accept it for now and watch it grow.  I really liked the boxing/meeting scene with Tahmoh and I really feel like he’s the only one of the characters that I feel connected to or emotionally invested in at this point.  Him and maybe Echo’s handler.  Hmm another girl with a ‘handler’ in a Whedon show.

Overall I wasn’t wowed but I was interested.  I don’t think I could tune out completely on something with so much promise anyway, granted I think without actor and Joss’ clout this show would be in a totally different situation.

Question:  How do you feel about the casting of Echo now that you’ve seen the show?  Who would you have cast? And what’s the most creative thing you’ve done with bacon?



~ by doublebitch on February 16, 2009.

4 Responses to “From Bacon to Dollhouse”

  1. I hear what you’re saying and I agree about the show needing to grow more. I was interested enough to tune in again and to wonder who the naked guy was watching her college tape and wanting to know more about the handler and the FBI guy. I like Eliza so I have no problem with the casting. I’m not in insta-love like I was with Buffy but I’m interested. It probably helps that I didn’t watch Alias though so the concept it newer to me.

  2. A quick rundown of my ranking of Whedon premieres, worst to best: Buffy (good, but you can tell Joss has really grown as a writer since then), Angel (much better), Dollhouse (I’d say it juuuust edged out the Angel premiere), Firefly.

    I was surprised by nerdy tech guy’s personality, but maybe that’s just because he looks like Andrew so I expected similar. I was rather surprised by the lack of Whedony dialogue though, there were only a few lines where it really came through.

  3. yeah! i noticed that too. The zingers were all but missing. I’m chalking so much of this up to it being re-…well everything half way into filming.

  4. Yeah, PRETTY sure I made that bacon explosion. Nice steal. Jerva was merely my meat-weaver.

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