Talking Heads Take Over NBC

chuckSleep and I don’t really ever get along.  It takes almost passing out for me to turn in for the night and I can’t think of anything I hate more than waking up.  So to help me shake the grog I always start my day with a whole lot of coffee a song to get me revved up for whatever I have to do that day, be it blogging or speaking in front of 70 people.  This morning it was Boston’s “More Than A Feeling”  Sometimes the perfect song can really make or break a moment.  This Monday was Talking Heads day on NBC and I loved it!

First we had Chuck walking into the far and distant world of the suburbs.  A gated community with Jenny McCarthy and Andy Richter playing Stepfordly neighbors.  Chuck drives up and gets out of the car to go into the house and as the camera circles him we hear Once in a Life Time.  It perfectly hit what was going on in Chuck’s head, let the show take a moment to set the tone of the episode and it was just goofy.

An hour later cue Sylar playing awkward babysitter/trying to make a friend, or maybe more correctly trying not to kill a friend for being annoying.  He turns up the radio which had earlier been playing a rather fitting “road trip” song was it life is a highway?  I cant remember. Either way, Psycokiller comes on.  Oh just watch it.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a night where there was a theme band, or where one was used so perfectly.  Total coincidence but funny none the less.



~ by doublebitch on February 17, 2009.

4 Responses to “Talking Heads Take Over NBC”

  1. I noticed and it was awesome. I wish more people were watching Chuck, the ratings blow and I fear it’ll be leaving us before its time.

  2. yeah, the sad part is that Chuck is really good when you get down to watching it. It’s just sorta failed to catch an audience. I’m not sure if a move would help it but .. i dont know. It needs to catch people.

  3. *giggle* i love annoyed sylar

  4. Yeah, Chuck keeps getting bumped down my ‘to watch and get caught up on’ list.

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