Chief of The Bridge

thebridgeGreat news for both Canadian television productions and people following the Battlestar Galactica cast in life after BSG, the upcoming drama “The Bridge” staring Aaron Douglas has been picked up by not only it’s home network CTV but CBS as well for 13 episodes.  This deal rides on the heels of the randomly successful Canadian/American cross over “Flashpoint”.   There’s a big billboard for Flashpoint right outside my apartment and it seems to be doing well.  People like it.  I didn’t give it much of a chance but a success is a success and anything that furthers the ‘Americanized’ validity of Canadian programing and content is good by me.  It’s interesting to note both of these shows are shot and portrayed to be in Toronto.   2862193807_6b663cb45a

Funny story, The pilot for Flashpoint was shot right downtown Toronto at Dundas Square and showed a girl trying to jump from a building.  The shot featured billboards and at the time of airing, if it had been shot then it would have included a giant ad (seen right) for the show itself.  Maybe it was clever marketing, or just me being a nerd.  Either or, I laughed.

The Bridge is based on a true story of a Toronto police union head honcho guy (Douglas), though it is not to be confused with the short film Douglas made with Smallville’s Erica Durance of the same name in 2004.  Other BSG alum can be found in all kinds of TV projects, Tahmoh on Dollhouse, Grace Park on The Cleaner and The Boarder another -not picked cbs picked up Canadian show also set in Toronto.  Bamber’s busy doing some Law and Order British Division thing and EJO is doing farmers commercials.

This has to leave us wondering about what’s changing.  Why is CBS looking to Canada for content?  Why are shows based out of Canadian cities all of the sudden becoming acceptable?  Shows have been filming here or in Vancouver for years but in almost all cases, when airing in the states were portraying American cities.  Why is it all the sudden okay to be Canadian?

Personally even I found it hard to believe.  When I first watched flashpoint and The Boarder I was turned off by the idea of these epic scams and international crimes were supposed to be happening in my sleepy little city.  Maybe Toronto’s more exotic to people who don’t live here.




~ by doublebitch on February 19, 2009.

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