Heroes Rebel Predictions

It’s the question everybody’s talking about, well everyone who’s still watching Heroes.  Who is Rebel?  Rebel has been texting Claire to tell her how to fight back against Nathan and Co. as well as sending a fax to a random place in India for Ando and Hiro to tell them to get back to save the guy they just left.  (Don’t even get me started on how they got to India in the first place)  Here are a few guesses, keep in mind we’re pretty much unspoiled here so don’t laugh if these are stupid.  Wait.  It’s heroes, they’re going to be stupid.

angela2Suspect #1 Angela Petrelli – Matrelli probably has access to everyone, she may even have access to Peter.  She’s a little mad at Nathan at the moment and I really wouldn’t put anything past her.  Knowing Ma she’ll have a plan, though her plan right now should maybe include hiding from her sons.  She comes in second only to new fish guy for lamest power to be imprisoned for.

17Suspect #2 Daphne Millbrook – Every bit of me hopes (and kinda thinks) that Daphne is still alive.  Maybe she actually dodged the bullets then faked her own death.  I read that somewhere today and thought it was a great theory, though I cant see her putting Parkman though that.  Then again, I couldn’t see Parkman leaving her body there either without a second thought.  Daphne could have the contact to Claire and she’s fast enough to get around and see what’s going on.  The thing that really strokes her off the list, at least for me is that I’m pretty sure she’d go straight for Matt.

1137347349Suspect #3  Micah Sanders – This is my personal best guess.  He’s been missing and probably busy doing that thing where kids age rapidly while off screen.  It happens on soaps all the time.  The kids are born then they’re like 7.  He’s also the only person with an electronic power that would help him easily find Claire and Hiro via text and fax.  He’d also be able to tap into Nathan’s network to see their surveillance and predict their moves.  How exactly Micah proposes to save the day, I’m not sure but I guess that’s why he’s rounding up help.question-face_1

Suspect #4 Random NYPC -Not yet played character.  I won’t put it beyond Heroes to come up with some totally random, obscure person to introduce and add to the laundry list of characters we have to keep track of already.  Unless this person is Wil Wheaton or The Real Shaq I really hope this isn’t the case.

What do you think?  Agree? Disagree?  Who’s your Rebel?


~ by doublebitch on February 19, 2009.

16 Responses to “Heroes Rebel Predictions”

  1. It would be awesome if Grunny was actually getting all those people onto the show.

  2. Angela has been my guess but I like the Micah idea as well. I’d love to have him back too and there’s a childish aspect to Rebel (which made me think of Hiro first, of course!)

  3. Wasn’t there some type of character from the comics/online/first season even that transferred her conciousness into the internet leaving her in webspace permanately? I think it’s that chick.

  4. @ bigraybowski: You’re thinking of Hana Gitelman.

  5. I don’t know why, and I know it has really no founding, but a part of me really think he’s Zach. You know: Claire’s friend from Season One?

  6. fly boy? But what are the odd he’s caught already? It seems like some of the less savy ‘other’ people with powers were caught pretty quickly.

    With the new ep, felt we needed to look at this again. New predictions : here

  7. I suspect Micah.
    Either him, or Molly, the little girl who can locate people by thinking about them.

  8. My personal opinion is that its Micah. Rebel’s finding other people using electronics, hacking and covering his tracks. It would surprise me at all. Maybe after what happened with his mom, he finally decides to be a Hero. Step up beyond just getting free cable.

  9. I think Micah has great motive. I mean they pretty much ripped apart his whole life. This kid’s gonna come back for revenge sometime.

  10. i think the rebel is nathen petrelli hes inside the whole opperation he is monipulating evryone with hes mother for some purpes thet we will reveal later …. and he saves clair right when she gets the message from rebel i think hes the one and we never dont know hes true purpes till the end

  11. yep, nathan has been guess from the first time rebel texted claire. i don’t think it is micah because of his age and how does he noe to tap claire to help? what about noah maybe he has finally seen his daughter as a fighter secretly wants her to kick ass.

  12. no its nathen he saved her and he told to tje blond one that he helps evryone more then she thinks when he told her to trust him….i think he wants to take over with them to show them that they can rule the world dont you think?

  13. if Nathan’s plan was to rule the world with people with powers he went about it in the worst way possible. That’s like going to war but showing the enemy all of your weapons and plans first, hell even handing over a few.

    I see why we’d be led to think it’s Nathan but I still don’t. We were seeing rebel before Nathan had any real remorse for the project. I think the hope thing was a coincidence and why would he text Clarie when he was right outside the window. Nathan seems much more like a “Hey you! Come here.. I’ll save you” kinda guy.

  14. Micah and Molly together. Both have been AWOL this season. Molly can find anyone, and Micah has the electronic ability.

    My second guess is Hana Gitelman. She knew where to find Ted in the desert.

  15. I think it will be Micah time travelling from the future. We’ve already had future Peter & future Hiro tried to save the day, rite ;)?


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