Singing. And maybe some dancing, too.

pgporn-squeal1This week’s new PG Porn (which can be seen here) got me thinking about musicals. Now first off, I’m a pretty big fan of musicals in general, but somehow combining them with shows always results in awesome. Bringing together porn and musical numbers resulted in what I think is hands-down the best PG Porn to date, and according to James Gunn himself on Twitter, this seemed to be a pretty unanimous response to the episode.

Joss Whedon has long been known as a musical fan, with Once More With Feeling being regarded as one of the best Buffy eps, and of course the awesomeness that was Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog this past summer. Xena did a couple of them (and I think maybe Hercules too? But my memory’s fuzz on that) that were also really well regarded. The Drew Carey Show was of course famous for sticking in the occasional elaborate song-and-dance piece, and Scrubs did My Musical.

xena-bitter-suiteSo what is it that causes musicals in shows to rock? Is it that they’re showing up in an unexpected medium? Or maybe that the combination of a relatively short running time and the fact that the creators are so obviously musical fans results in a more concentrated awesome level than what you get from a full-length musical production? Or is it just that musicals inherently rock, and they simply power up the shows that do them? I honestly don’t know, but I always love it when we get a musical episode.

Looking at what I’ve mentioned, Dr. Horrible is a bit different from the others in that it doesn’t have any existence outside of the musical (though it could be argued that it’s so imbibed with Whedon ness that it shares a general tone and style with his other works, thus giving it something of a non-musical metaverse. Yes I made that up but I think you know what I’m saying), and being released as three distinct acts makes it the only entry to last for more than one episode (once again, you could argue that the whole thing was just one ep in 3 acts).

dr-horribleIs Dr. Horrible the next step? After so many successful, awesome examples of our favourite shows dipping their toes in musicals, is it an example of one taking the plunge? Could an actual full-on musical show be possible now (just in terms of would it work, not getting into the question of would they be able to come up with the requisite songs to keep the show running)? I really don’t know if it could work, even if you had the biggest musical theatre nerds working on it, but it’s a cool idea.



~ by Jerk on February 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “Singing. And maybe some dancing, too.”

  1. I cant believe you didn’t mention Eli Stone.

    I think musicals are so loved because we all secretly wish that our lives would randomly turn into song and dance numbers. Musicals have been around for FOREVER and they’re one of the most interdisciplinary art forms out there.

    Do I think it’s possible? probably not, the amount of work that goes into a musical is way more than they’d have. Learning songs takes way more prep work and learning choreography.. Time. Time, Money and Creativity will keep this from ever happening. Unless you count kids shows. Hi5 or the doodlebops are actually pretty decent.

  2. Hurm… Eli Stone waaaas in there (note the tag), I think rearranging stuff managed to cut it by accident, oops.

  3. As far as the time thing goes, yeah, I’d assume a musical show would have to follow the HBO style, 12 episodes in a year to year-and-a-half model.

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