Why We Love Kripke # 472

300px-eric_kripkeWe’re generally not the type to quote a whole interview but this one’s too good to be true.  Our Lord and Savior Kripke addresses the ‘thrid Winchester brother’ rumors in a recent TV Guide interview.

“When we were breaking the story about the third Winchester brother, we knew the fans would scream that we had jumped the shark. Of course, adding a new sibling or relative to an established series is a classic and cherished shark jump, Cousin Oliver being the patron saint of the practice. (And sure enough, Sam and Dean are eating at ‘Cousin Oliver’s Diner’ in the episode). Anyway, it became clear that we should beat the fans to the punch and title the episode, ‘Jump the Shark.’ Though rejected titles included: ‘When Leo Joined Growing Pains,’ or ‘The Raven Symone Episode.’

ted_mcginley000x0280x280“For fans who are worried that we are truly jumping the shark… watch the episode, decide for yourself. Personally, I don’t think we’re gassing up the motorcycle quite yet, but you tell me. And stay tuned for next season, when the boys take trips to London and Hawaii (haunted Tiki dolls!) and Sam and Ruby get married. And Ted McGinley joins the cast as the thoughtful (but hot!) college professor.”



~ by doublebitch on February 19, 2009.

4 Responses to “Why We Love Kripke # 472”

  1. That’s pretty much what I was expecting. I really don’t know how people could have actually been upset, looking at the track record Kripke’s had so far. I mean, the one time we personally doubted something, it ended up being Ghostfacers and completely awesome.

  2. Do not under estimate the ability of a fangirl to freak out about something that’s not true or supposed to be serious.

    And that’s what I say to most of these comments, really? I trust the Kripke. I really do. He’s not going to do anything bad. The worst we’ll see is a mild case of ‘meh’

  3. Also, Leo was one of my favorite parts of growing pains.

  4. Ha, we both posted the same interview! Figures. That interview made me laugh til I had tears. I love Kripke!

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