Mark Sheppard TV Trifecta

mark02I vowed to stay in bed all day but I couldn’t keep myself from getting up to say a little something about how awesome Mark Sheppard is over all but mostly this week.

He started off last Friday putting the logic back into Battlestar and maybe kicking a little ass then he showed up on Leverage as the man we love to hate Sterling.  Finally rounding out the appearance trifecta, tuning in to Tahmoh Fridays he pops up on Dollhouse.

There are three levels of guest stars.  The cameo, the episode guest star and the reoccurring character roll.  The last being the best from both a fan and actor stand point as we get to explore and know the characters a little better than your standard villain/victim of the week.   Mark Sheppard (his name gives me tinhat about McDreamy proposing to Sloan.  Anyway…)  has got himself into the great and really rare position of being a reoccurring guest on three shows with large and diverse audiences all airing at the same time.  He got 3 hours of air time this week, on three different networks and three programs appealing to different people.  If that’s not great for your career I don’t know what is.

The three characters aren’t really all that different, so maybe there’s an element of being typecast as the authority guy concerned with justice but just a tiny bit crooked around the edges.  This deffinatly isnt the first time we’ve seen Sheppard and it won’t be the last.



~ by doublebitch on February 21, 2009.

4 Responses to “Mark Sheppard TV Trifecta”

  1. See, to me he’s Badger from Firefly, which is pretty much the opposite of an authority figure, so I’m not too worried about typecasting.

  2. yeah but like this week and he looks the same. I know that sounds really stupid to say but sometimes people look different in different roles but they’re even dressing him the same. He always looks like him.

    I guess that’s better than always acting like him a la Jensen..

  3. Mark was also on last weeks “Burn Notice” as a guest-star (one time deal) in an episode titled “Bad Breaks”. It’s up on Hulu. I am a huge fan of Mark’s but he has been typecast over the years as “bad guys”. At least on “Dollhouse” he’s playing an FBI agent. I know he can play a good range of characters so I hope he gets to play something different soon. I hear he’s a very funny guy so how about some comedy.

    If your on Facebook I have a group called ‘Mark Sheppard Fans’ where I keep track of Mark’s tv appearances, etc.

  4. I was reading the Leverage writers blog and laughed when I found this:

    EDIT: Screw the edit, we’ll do a separate post on Wed. I just ate too much of Mark Sheppard’s food and listened to his stories of his days in a band opening for U2. Bed now, dishing tomorrow.

    Thanks Sandra! I had read he was on burn notice but I thought it was a couple weeks back.

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