BSG post – Deadlock

Scary!Dad is scary

Scary!Dad is scary

The past two episode of Battlestar have been seriously information intensive, as I announced on our twitter, it took Jerk a whole half hour just to explain the time line for me.  If you need help with that yourself please see our links on the side and check out the BSG podcast.. Matt and Nat are amazing and local!  also a great follow on twitter.  ONWARD TO THE SPOILEDNESS!

Where have all the children gone? Long time lasting.. I wanna know! do you remember that song from public school?  I do.  I think it was about war casualties. Anyway…

That’s my question this week.  Somehow in the last few episodes things have felt less planned and more, dare I say seat of the pants (aka Heroes style).  It seems like their knack for making everything seem like it’s had a purpose has wobbled a little. I’ve read that “Hotdog is my father” was a retcon line and part of me cant help but feel that way about dead baby six.. does that make it a 3? or a 12?  that’d be great if they named them by multiplying the parents numbers or adding them together.  Do the 5 have numbers?  I dont know.

pepsiWe’ve quickly seen the future of the cylon race effectively erased, all except for Hera who grew up really quickly and apparently started doing Pepsi commercials from the 90s.  I have a theory that it’s not that cylons can be impregnated by humans, it’s actually that they can only be impregnated by Helo.  He is their God.  There will be a line up and he will be the only human survivor.    Yep.  That’s my second guess for the end of the series.  My first guess is that Galactica is a cylon, maybe even Daniel.  This has been my thought for a long time minus the Dan part.  We’ll NUP_103669_0085see.

So why build up all these kids just to have them die or be Hotdogs’?  Why profisize about Hera so much and have her sit idle for a couple years?  I’m hoping she plays a bigger role in the coming episodes.

Lastly I’d like to know why Baltar’s head Caprica Six didn’t get pregnant with Caprica Six and just what happened to her to make her so stupid with love?  I suppose she’s always been obsessed with love but why is it so different with Tigh than it was with Baltar?

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5 Responses to “BSG post – Deadlock”

  1. Well, we actually saw very little of Caprica with Baltar, it was mainly his Head Cylon, and are they really the same person? Er, robot?

  2. oooh good question. Is head cylon Caprica? I just assumed it was because that was the only one he’d met for a long time.

  3. I’ve always kinda thought they were different. They don’t act exactly the same, and look at Caprica’s Head Baltar, he was really different from Gaius.

  4. “Somehow in the last few episodes things have felt less planned and more, dare I say seat of the pants (aka Heroes style). It seems like their knack for making everything seem like it’s had a purpose has wobbled a little.”

    Funny. I thought they dropped the ball somewhere during season two and I was one of those unfortunate people to see right through their bluff. I would have quit watching this show a long time ago without the appearance of Samuel Anders. I’m just shallow enough to keep watching for Michael Trucco alone.

  5. I do love Trucco and he’s really upped his work over the past few eps (though not really counting this week considering all he did was lay there) Then again I think near death experiences are probably pretty close to home for him.

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