A Leverage Post in Two Parts

Leverage has five main characters. With just one final episode to the season, the pairings have clearly fallen as follows: Nate/Sophie, Parker/Hardison, and Eliot/punching people. These pairing seem pretty much locked as is, there haven’t been hints of triangles (which all have three sides, CW promo work has informed me) or anything else that could complicate these ships (well, Nate’s ex-wife maybe, but that’s not the ship I’ma talk about here, so let’s ignore that).leverage-turn

If your only exposure to Leverage came from teh Interwebs, you’d end up with a bit of a different relationshipial map. The ‘Net seems to have really embraced Parker/Eliot, leaving Hardison as the odd man out. Now, I figure there’s a reason for this. There wasn’t anything denoting the Parker/Hardison ness in the pilot, which was leaked to the ‘Net months before the show premiered. This left fandom to come to their own conclusions about who’d end up with Parker (Nate/Sophie was clear right from the start). The choices were the guy who stabbed Sam Winchester (boo!), and Chris Kane (yay! Also: hair!), so I can see why that went the way it did.

However, we’ve now had a dozen episodes pointing things in a much more Parker/Hardison direction, yet the ‘Net still loves their Parker/Eliot. Now you can’t ignore the fact that there have to be some people out there who are put off by the interracialness of Parker/Hardison (which is just silly, honestly. SCC has people shipping John and his robot sister! If people are fine with incestuous technosexuality (yes I Googled that leverage-shipsto make sure I had the correct term) then get over skin colour), but really I think it’s just stubbornness. They got the ship into their head, and now they don’t want to let it go, no matter how obvious it is they should (see also: Al & Miles and Clana) and cling to any shred of evidence that their ship could still come to pass. But honestly, we’ve had about as much evidence of Hardison/Eliot as of Parker/Eliot.

Okay, enough about ships, on to the second part of this post, which is the SUPER AWESOME LEVERAGE AWESOME FUN DAY (OF AWESOME). This coming Tuesday (tomorrow) brings us the season finale, and TNT has planned something really special for it. Check out their schedule, and you’ll see that they’re playing all twelve episodes again leading up to the finale for an all-day Leverage marathon. They’re even kind enough to give you an hour of Bones, so you can go make something to eat (you have been sitting there for thirteen hours, I’m sure you’re hungry!) before watching the finale again. You may notice that the episodes are in a different order than what they initially aired in, but from the discussion I’m having with DoubleBitch about that, it needs a post all it’s own.

Enjoy Super Awesome Leverage Awesome Fun Day (of awesome) and the season finale everyone, regardless of your choice of ship! Post continuity: very weak, but good enough.



~ by Jerk on February 23, 2009.

8 Responses to “A Leverage Post in Two Parts”

  1. You actually had all three of those smallville posters kicking around. Dreamysigh. This is why I keep you.

    And for those of us without TNT, I was really impressed to find Leverage streaming last week BEFORE it even aired on the west coast. Somebody loves this show. Hell everybody loves this show.

    I think people will always ship crazy stuff. Myself included. Can’t say I don’t secretly believe in a little John/Bobby or Chlark. They’re things that will never be but as fans we either cant get enough or just like things we cant have. I think the clear difference between that and this is that this is people holding breath and projecting onto the series something that’s not happening instead of just sitting around making manips and fic.

  2. Chlark is not crazy. Not going to happen, but so there. Star-cross’d.

  3. to be honest I’d rather see her end up with Davis. Her uber bitch snark has got out of control this season and she’s a little bit too good for smallville clark.. why are we talking about smallville?

  4. Heh. It’s our blog, we can derail oursleves if we want.

  5. woo! in that case i think we need a post on what exactly the kids on roswell can do and why they all have different powers. I find this odd. And why is someone always in shiney pants?

    back on leverage, I’ve actually see a turn in the fandom recently there have been support comms opening for all three of the ‘leverage kids’ like together an OT3. Fans flat out refusing to pick so they’re just gonna let it be all one big freaky family. maybe my minds taking this somewhere sexual that it’s not but.. when they’re making out ic.. even what it was.. I dont think im out of line.

  6. Yeah for kids who live in the desert they sure love their leather pants.

  7. oh and jock guy comes back a buddhist? what?!

  8. Random that it happened, but I like him and it’s a cool character trait.

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