CW Makes Early Renewals!

ftbtomYAY!  I pretty much heart twitter for helping me be in the know about stuff.  Important stuff like CW renewals!

Smallville will be back! Apparently Tom’s a sucker for Dawn and cougar claws.  That’s terrible and I’m sure not true.  Supernatural will be back for their much anticipated and potentially last season – 5 though if the CDub has any say on the matter they might be around much longer.  Smallville was only going to go 4.

America’s Next Top Model has been brought back for two cycles and One Tree Hill will continue to flog the dead horse for another year as well.   Oh and 90210 and Gossip Girl but I don’t really care.  They’ve also picked up the Melrose Place pilot that stole the two straight male producers from smallville.  I’m excited to see what a gay man and a woman come up with for Clark Kent. No sarcasm involved, I’m actually really looking forward to it.

The only show on the bubble for the CW to pick up later that I’m concerned about is Reaper and I think waiting to pick up this show is a wise move considering we have yet to see any of season 2 (Don’t forget it starts back a week from today at 8pm)




~ by doublebitch on February 24, 2009.

6 Responses to “CW Makes Early Renewals!”

  1. Saw the renewal news and I was thrilled. Nice to have the shows picked up early so you’re not on pins and needles going into the upfronts. Not that I expected anything less for SN but with Dawn running the show you never can count on anything.

  2. I’m reading this book about the UPN WB merger and it’s got some really interesting stuff about her in it. I didn’t know she used to run lifetime.

  3. I don’t think waiting for Reaper is a smart move. The CW has already seen all 13 episodes, since they’re done. And Tyler said the network has told them repeatedly they love the show. So I’m ticked.

  4. Yes they’ve seen it but we haven’t and it’s usually more about ratings than it is about the shows actual quality. That’s why Eli Stone is rotting in canceled hell right now and VMars died a slow death.

    The cw has said they like the eps but they’ve also put it in a lame slot and paired it with a lame and not matching show. Granted I do think they’re holding on to it for next year when I think we can be pretty sure to say either Smallville or SPN will be gone. If not both.

  5. Well without breaking up Smallville and SPN, they don’t have anything fitting to pair it with. I was somewhat expecting the CW to pull out something Reapery for a mid-season show this year, but no.

  6. maybe with this late start they’re thinking about trying some of this later/summer season stuff. There have been some really great shows have summer run success.

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