Heroes Makes Me Sound Like a Broken Record

I wanted to address two things about Heroes tonight but I want to hedge them both with one statement.  I love this show.  I get excited for Monday nights -partially because they come before Tuesday which is leverage night ftw- but mostly because I enjoy Heroes.  I get that familiar ‘high’ from watching characters that I’m invested in do whatever it is they do.  I’m hard on this show.  I get that but I’m only picking the pieces apart because I love the whole.  If I didn’t love the whole, I wouldn’t waste my time.

painting_the_explosion1Moving on to this week we saw the return of one of our favorite things on Heroes.  No, it’s not Claire.  She was refreshingly absent from this episdoe.  The exploding American city! – painted a dirty studio floor in New York.  I’m going to go along with this and give it a chance to explain itself before I roll my eyes too much but it’s hard not to feel like we’ve been there before.  Perhaps we would have avoided this feeling by letting Matt paint it somewhere different, somewhere really inconvenient like on the side of a bus or an elephant!   The similarities to previous story lines are so strong that you have to wonder if we’re being led on.  Granted all signs do point to Matt blowing himself up, including Grunberg’s insistence that he’s taking a trip to the dark side. and from experience we’ve seen some of the only people they let die and stay dead are people who can paint the future.

2010179The second thing to address is some comments made by Jack Coleman in his television without pitty blog.  He made comments two or three weeks ago basically saying haters to the left, though he did it in a very HRG way kinda blunt and slightly sarcastic.  He then.. I’m not sure why, but felt the need to disclaim his words.  Probably so he didn’t end up like Kring painted as the eternal fan hating jerk.  He talks about the “Cottage Industry” that’s come about for criticizing Heroes.  I think he’s right.  Heroes is one of those shows with a large geek/internet following, which they both benefit from and asked for from the beginning.  It is well documented that the internet is for two things, porn and trolls.  While there are a lot of people who do pick at Heroes I think it’s because it’s the ‘cool’ thing to do and it’s the cover we’re holding waiting out to see what happens next.  Despite my criticisms of the show at any point I think it’s a good show and I think the truest weakness comes in the fact that they’ve let themselves respond to this ‘cottage industry’ and admitted to flaws.   Fanboys can smell fear and it makes them stronger, sweatier and more annoying.   So hang in there Jack and the rest of you at Heroes, keep your chin up, stop retconning everything and stop admitting that there was ever anything wrong with your show or it’s direction to begin with.  We want to believe you.


P.S.  Two post -posty points of goodness.  1)The code (7957) was Kring’s Birthday, I really hope that was someone sucking up and not Kring going I’m awesome! 2) When asked after the show what he would do if he met Peter right now, Milo said he would punch him in the face.


~ by doublebitch on February 24, 2009.

2 Responses to “Heroes Makes Me Sound Like a Broken Record”

  1. Good points. I think that one of the things that many Heroes fans and maybe actors don’t understand is that picking apart pseudo-science and maligning retcons are a part of comics and super hero fandom, unlike how fandom is for most tv. I think it’s the sci-fi that brings out everyone’s inner geek. Because Heroes is basically a televised comic book, that kind of fan is going to gravitate towards it.

    Criticism and debates don’t mean that we hate the show, it’s how we show devotion.

  2. Great points as always. Not being a comic reader I’m a lot less hard on Heroes than others can be, but I get the devotion and irritation when the show fails to deliver.

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