Leverage Proposes Eliot VS Bear

Last night we saw the Leverage season first season finale and I think this is a great time to get back to saying “I told you so”.  This show held it’s intensity and interest thought the entire season without even taking a noticeably weakest episode.   Another one of the great things about Leverage and TNT is that they understand that making the fans wait (like the torturous network Sci-Fi) is just a mean thing to do.  The cast and crew will be back making Leverage in a mere six weeks which means the writers room is hard at work.  Here’s iFmagazine.com ‘s sneak peek at what we can expect.

One thing we’re seeing as the connection between the Internet, fandom and TV shows continue to mix is a lot more behind the scenes stuff which allows us to not only become attached to the actors as people but also the producers, directors and writers who are often times the more interesting people.   Successful shows with successful online fandoms are shows with connected producer/creators with a sense of humor.  Its only working in their favor and in most cases preventing the kind of ‘cottage industry’ that plagues shows with lame creators *cough*heroes*cough*  (I really thought that was going to start to get old but it hasn’t yet)

Viva la Leverage


~ by doublebitch on February 25, 2009.

One Response to “Leverage Proposes Eliot VS Bear”

  1. I’ve always been a big writers fan, it’s nice to now actually get to see them, and get extra ness without having to wait for the DVDs.

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