Random Question #7

lost-lapidus1When Carlton Cuse and Damon Lindelof originally set an ending point for Lost back during season three, their plan called for three more seasons that would each be sixteen episodes long. The writer’s strike messed with that a little bit, as season four ended up with just fourteen episodes. To make up for that, the last two seasons are going to be seventeen episodes each. To the best of my knowledge Lost is the only show that’s extending later seasons to make up for the episodes lost to the strike.

Should more shows have done this, adding episodes to make up for the strike?

Of course this does depend on the willingness of the network to order extra episodes, but let’s leave that out of the equation here.



~ by Jerk on February 26, 2009.

5 Responses to “Random Question #7”

  1. I wanna look into this a little more before I really comment but the one thing I’d like to have seen was LOWER DVD PRICES on sets that contained fewer episode hours and in most cases shit for features.

  2. after thinking about it, I dont really think shows should be trying to “make up for the strike” They don’t owe us anything. Except in the cases where they’re going to charge us the same price to buy the dvds.

    I’d rather see people take a good long look at where things are going and what the shortened seasons did to their projected goals and story arcs. I dont think there’s a show that didnt do this.

    we saw the strike be more important to some shows than others, or more harmful. I’m never going to say no to extra content but I’m not expecting more from anyone to make up for the eps they missed.

  3. I found that any shows that changed their plans post-strike were pretty much all hurt by it. Heroes, obviously, but SCC also abandoned the John’s girlfriend plot that was being set up in season one, as well as the guy who liked The Smiths and asked Cameron to the prom. Those were both much more interesting than what they’ve done in season two. Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother were also a bit lame post-strike, the last few episodes of the season for both shows just felt not quite up to the quality of the earlier episodes.

  4. so why would you want more of them?

  5. Well, not for any of those shows. I was more talking about shows going out of their way to prevent the strike from affecting their plot plans, which is kind of the opposite. Most seem to have changed their plots to accommodate the loss of episodes.

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