The Simpsons x2

It’s early renewal announcement time and our friends at FOX don’t want to be left out.  And by friends at FOX we mean people who we don’t know that make us mad more times than they prove themselves useful.  Yep, those guys.

the-simpsonsAnyway, Fox has called for two more seasons of The Simpsons.  TWO MORE SEASONS?! I honestly quit watching this show a long time ago.  It’s come to the point it’s not even one of those shows I’ll watch just because it’s on and nothing else is.  That’s what the internet’s for.   I don’t think I’ve seen a new episode of The Simpsons in easily 4 years.

We can’t forget that cartoon seasons are often much different from the seasons we’re used to with live action sitcom or hour drama type shows.  Did you know the voice actors are making $400,000 an episode?  and being called in for two more seasons?  That’s gotta feel pretty good.  If you are still into The Simpsons you might want to check out the new opening fox has released.  It’s not all that new but has a smirk worthy shout out to HDTV.

Maybe they’re doing it to break every record ever held by anyone ever, or maybe they honestly think the show has new uncharted directions to go in.   You have to wonder when your wiki has a section dedicated to “Criticism of declining quality”. Either way, I probably won’t be watching.  Will you?



~ by doublebitch on February 27, 2009.

2 Responses to “The Simpsons x2”

  1. I stopped watching it over seven years ago now, when I had to choose between Simpsons on Global and Alias on CTV. At the time I still wished I could keep watching it, but after a few months I realized I didn’t care at all, and probably would have been fine if I’d stopped watching a few seasons earlier, even.

    I’ve seen maybe half a dozen episodes since then (probably less), and the only time I specifically watched an ep was when Alan Moore was on. Then I was angry that I’d been excited to see it, because it was horrible.

  2. maybe it’s still popular with kids?

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