Giving Important Things a Second Chance

0000054407_200901151114131Due to passive aggressive popular demand I’ve decided to revisit a show I’d previously said I wanted nothing more to do with. Important Things with Demetri Martin was getting a lot of search hits which I knew must mean one of two things.  Either the show was getting better or it continued to be one of the worst new shows on TV.   So I gave in around 3am on a Friday night and watched the second and third episodes that have aired since my original verdict.

I have to admit I was impressed.  They fixed a few things that they clearly didn’t have worked out in the pilot.  The episodes ran much smoother and seemed to be a little more focused on being funny than being obscure.  The sketches were fewer and didn’t come back again and again.  Some sketches did come back from week to week but I think these are good so far.  A one man show is going to need a few good reoccurring characters.  I’m still not all that sold on his musical numbers but at least he dropped the foot bells he was playing and Me vs You was a pretty funny song.  The other good thing they did was whittle down the amount of extras and other comedy actors that aren’t Demetri Martin.  We have no reason to care about who they are and their characters in the pilot didn’t really add anything.

It’s easy to see his format now and I think the kinks will be worked out as this show moves along.  I laughed much more watching these episodes than I did during the pilot and while I still wouldn’t put it on a must see list, it is something I would stop to watch flipping through the channels.  I guess that teaches me not to be so quick to judge but I still think Dollhouse is pushing it’s luck.



~ by doublebitch on February 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “Giving Important Things a Second Chance”

  1. better i dont have to find you and kill you with a woffleball bat annymore

  2. glad you gave it a second chance.

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  4. You still suck man.

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