The Star Theme Never Works

popsWe’ve talked about a few generic episode themes on JDB, like the rock band and how it explores our secret need to be rock stars.  Today we’ll explore something different, but not all that different.  The popstar/movie star.  Take your show, add a fake celebrity, put their life in danger then save them while proving how miserable they are.  The difference between the rock band theme and the star theme is that the first one works, the second one doesn’t.

This week’s Dollhouse introduced us to a pop singer who wore little more than a tinfoil and bells bikini for the whole episode.  I didn’t think it was possible to make me want the green arrow guy back, but they pulled it off.

Smallville had the movie star that came to town and had her car go out of control.  The only good thing to come from this episode were the shots of Clark with a cape.   The notoriously worst episode of Moonlight was when he was chasing after the actress or model or whatever on a boat.  It was out of character and just not interesting.  It was the turning point that you could tell they’d really gone the wrong direction.

countless other shows have used this theme.  The difference between a concept that works and this one is that the star eipsode is dependent on us caring about the star.  It’s dependent on us caring about how terrible and tortured their life is.

I fully agree that the way we see, obsess over and interact with the Hollywood system is not healthy for anyone and is bound to crash and burn one of these days but people love to rip people apart.  Kinda like I’m doing with this post.  Nobody wants to feel empathy for the star who has everything, we want to see them suffer and pull them down to our level.   Trying to use a show to tell us that we should be nicer and that things aren’t all golden for these people, imaginary or not doesn’t work and it’s just plain annoying.  I sometimes wonder if shows have any idea who their audiences are.



~ by doublebitch on February 28, 2009.

One Response to “The Star Theme Never Works”

  1. I have nothing really intelligent to add to this post other than I agree to how lame this episode was and how blown away I am to what can be considered clothing nowadays. Windchimes are not a good substitute for pants.

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