Monday Crystal Ball

Sometimes I like to sit with my coffee and contemplate the future.  Today I’ll look into my crystal ball and share 5 new up coming shows and predict their futures.

ianThe first show I see is Kings.  And I predict that it will be awesome.  I’ve already added it to my watching roster when it begins to air on NBC Sunday nights starting March 15th.  It stars Ian McShane who is reason enough for this to be an amazing show.  You may remember him as the unforgettable Al Swearengen on HBO’s Deadwood.   I’d explain the shows premise but if I got it wrong I might be in for a lashing.  When a reporter recently asked McShane to make it a little more clear they got an ear full of this:

We’re not making any sense? Is that what drama’s about? Isn’t drama — excuse me — for your ignorant remark. Isn’t drama — based on the fact — we’re not making any sense? What the hell kind of question? You ask a question. You want an answer or not? The world — drama is built on biblical — biblical — the greatest novel written by 50 people ever. If you can’t get a good story from that, you can’t. What do you expect, it all spelled out for you now, that you should know what kind of pop culture or we’re going to refer to Britney Spears’ new child?” [source]

Yeah, that’s about how much sense the plot makes (something about David and Goliath, biblical but not in a pretentious way. Just check out the trailer.)  but I’d still listen to McShane  say just about anything.3-jerry-seinfeld-banana

Next I see that they’re giving Seinfeld a reality show called “The Marriage Ref” also from NBC.  His show will watch couples bicker then give them celebrity advice because we all know celebrities have the best relationship track records.  Who would want advice from Seinfeld?  Why would he even want a reality show?  I don’t even need a crystal ball to tell you this one will be terrible and probably ruin a few lives.

Castle.  Nathan Filion plays a cocky writer following around a cop to research a character.  The cop just happens to be a take no shit kinda woman and hilarity ensues.   ABC adds another show to the Monday night roster starting next week Monday March 9th.  Check the promo here. My new favorite Aldis Hodge has already filmed his guest appearance on the show.  That’s reason enough for me to watch.

Back on the bad side again FOX has announced a show called “Cop House“.  First I had terrible flashes of Hugh Laurie as a cop, hobbling around with his cane and his drug and hooker addictions, busting 13 for illegal activity which almost sounded good.  Sounded better than the reality which is a scripted drama about a halfway house for messed up cops.  Woo.  Sounds exciting.  Pretty glad this one’s still in the planning stages and on FOX so nobody’ll watch it anyway.

Party Down; Episode 101Last not least we see the best prospective show of all.  Party DownThis show almost requires it’s own post, as I’m sure it will get many once we get to see it.  It’s by Veronica Mars producer Rob Thomas and has a killer cast.  In the first few episodes expect to see pretty much everyone from the Veronica Mars cast from Enrico Colantoni, Jason Dohring, Alona Tal, eventually Kristen Bell, and even the guy who played the Dean at the University.   The other investigator and Ryan Hansen are regular cast along with Lizzy Caplan (True Blood) and Martin Starr all grown up from Freaks and Geeks.  The show’s about a bunch of wanna be actors and writers all working for a catering company.  Throw in two Vmars writers and Paul Rudd on the writing staff and you’ve got a surefire funny show on a network you’ve never heard of.  It will be airing on the Starz network March 20th.

That’s all for my predictions, Happy Monday.


~ by doublebitch on March 2, 2009.

2 Responses to “Monday Crystal Ball”

  1. I cannot wait to see Party Down. Just cannot wait. I will support anything the VMars crew do and since this one is littered with them, I am beside myself!

  2. I’m really looking forward to Party Down, every time I hear something new about it, it just gets more and more awesome. I’m also hoping that Castle will be good.

    Maybe it’s because I haven’t seen Deadwood yet, but Kings just seems weird and meh to me. I’ll probably check it out eventually, but I’m not going to add it to the already-huge pile of shows I’m watching right now.

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