Heroes Rebel Revisited v3.18

You know there’s good TV back on the air when we cant stop posting.  With new developments, or just plain more exposure of Rebel in last night’s episode of Heroes (3.18) I think it’s time to revisit the subject.

Last post I pointed fingers at Angela Petrelli, Daphne Millbrook and Micah Sanders, along with the possibility of the unknown person or not normally on our screens person.  I think we can safely rule out Daphne now that we know she’s both alive and drugged in .. well some health facility.  Tell me, what hospital do you take a speedster to?  One with Mohinder! that’s where.

teamsuperkidsBack on track, I think now that it’s seeming more clear that Rebel is in fact a group of people.  I’d really love for it to be team super kids!  Micah and Molly WalkerParkmanSuresh team up to save their dads/mom-ish person aunt?.  Micah has the tech power and Molly has the finding power.  That would be pretty epic but do they have the brain power?  This is why I think Ma’s in on it too.  She lied right to Nathan’s face and he could feel it.  But at this point isn’t rebel helping him a little?  Or maybe it’s hindering.  I don’t think Nathan can wave the magic wand and make this go away like he thinks he can.  The promo’s saying life would never be the same again were right.  There’s no going back from volume 4.



~ by doublebitch on March 3, 2009.

17 Responses to “Heroes Rebel Revisited v3.18”

  1. I thought arthur took Molly’s power away. or something like that

  2. Hmm I like it. Molly could definitely be part of a Micah/Angela connection. I figure if Micah is involved, what about his cousin Monica? Her powers wouldn’t lend to helping but she ought to know what is up as well. Molly locating them is perfect. I like it! I hope it’s our super team headed by Angela and not someone we don’t know. That would be disappointing.

    Nathan is an idiot. I never understood his reasoning for his plan and now that it’s all falling apart he hasn’t a clue what to do. Big surprise moron. Why Angela hasn’t been controlling him better is beyond me! I’m so glad Peter grew a brain, if only temporarily, and took off. We’ll see what he can do on his own.

  3. when did Aurthur see Molly?

  4. I cant remember what happened to Monica. She was gonna get injected and then.. wasnt? but was in custody? I dont know. Did she get out? Why was Micah at the funeral home alone then? Im just not clear on where she is. Her awesome power should come back though.

  5. in the behind eclipse Q&A(cant remember which one, 12?13?), the writer mentioned that, that’s how artnur found claire and hiro

  6. here it is: http://www.heroestelevision.com/heroes-spoilers-behind-the-eclipse-report-12/

  7. I think that’s a bit of a rip off answer if we didn’t see it or even hear mention of it happening.

  8. Ye, sometimes that Q&A thing is a joke. But have to consider the possibility, that’s a writer answering the question after all.

  9. I think that brings up a really great point about canon. I fully plan on making this a big discussion post later this week. Check back again soon.

  10. That sounds more like them retconning an answer for their plot hole. If that was actually intended to explain how Arthur found Hiro, then it should have been shown on screen, even if it was just a quick little scene.

  11. if you clicked the second article is says that they shot it but didnt put it in cause it’s too creepy. If that’s true she should be credited on that episode. I’d have to check.

  12. Hurm… Then they should have made reference to that happening, or something. You can’t just cut out a vital plot point completely.

  13. yeah I’m not okay with that. Not to mention she out acted like everyone in any of her scenes. I can’t see that being a reason to let someone go.

  14. hmmmm,there’s always another explanation how arthur found hiro, paint the future maybe? but the way they did it, it’s like they never want molly back ever again.

  15. molly was always my favorite.
    I’m really angry now that molly is supposedly powerless now.
    I got excited when Hiro and Ando went to India because i know that was where she was kept, but then no Molly Walker. 😦

    I believe Rebel is Angela and Noah. (even though i hope it’s Micah and Molly)
    A) because they both have been really sketchy since like, Season 1.
    B) because Noah has teamed up with Mohinder before to take down Primatech and because the writers have followed a basic themes of “fix the future before it happens” and “infiltrate the company” for all of the seasons.
    C) Noah is having an extramarital affair with angela. (jk, but imagine if they did)

  16. Wait a minute. Since when has Molly been de-powered?

    Anyways, I wouldn’t put it past Angela if she were helping out. She has the brains and the experience. Micah has the power. Molly can find everyone. You cant deny the technical aspects. What Rebel has been able to do using electronics. What better way to bring Micah back in than by making him rebel? And for that matter, the emails from Rebel are from Hana’s web address. And we know that before her body was killed, she and micah talked to each other alot.

    My moneys on micah.

  17. See I don’t believe she’s been de-powered either. I think this is a question we need to get confirmation on from someone in the know.

    I think at this point I’m going to be really disappointed if Micah’s not involved.

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