Best. Episode. Ever.

24-04Because of the nature of the show, it’s really hard to come up with a list of the best episodes of 24. Best moments, yes. Best characters, absolutely. Best seasons, no problem. But the attempted real-time nature of the show makes choosing single outstanding episodes much more difficult. The quality of any given storyline can vary pretty dramatically over the course of an hour, to say nothing of  the relationship between the different ones.

And that’s just assuming you can remember what happened in a given episode. They’re purposely designed to all flow together, to turn any given season into one big, flowing narrative. As a result what’s memorable will either be a single moment or scene from an episode, or one of the smaller arcs from a season, which would encompass several episodes.

Having said all of this, I’m going to declare the second of the two episodes from this week (7.12) as the single greatest episode of 24 to date. All of the various plotlines converged (except for what’s going on in the FBI building, and that was smartly left out of the episode completely), with a very decisive event marking both the beginning and end of the episode. It was a tense, action-packed ep even though Jack spent most of the time locked in various rooms. There were some big character introductions (Jon Voight finally makes the scene, and with Rory Cochrane as his lackey! And Cameron Daddo as the veep! How awesome was that, even if his attempt24-05 to pass off his Aussie accent as Southern wasn’t completely effective), more than you normally get in a single episode that isn’t a season premiere. This episode really shone.

I was really digging this season before, but now we’re at the halfway point and unless things go horribly wrong in the last twelve eps, I think we’re looking at my new favourite season!



~ by Jerk on March 4, 2009.

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