Story Time with Reaper

storytimeOnce upon a time there was a site that posted the nIelsEn ratings. It attracted TV fanatics from far and wide to speculate on Tuesday night ratings.  One patron troll professed that he was a “numbers man”  and cared little about fan analysis in making his judgment calls about a little show called Reaper to make his decision if it should be considered “good” or “bad” or worthy of being renewed for a 3rd season.

“Boo! Hiss!”  cried DoubleBitch.  “This is unfair and totally moronic little troll!  Go get your calculator and do some quadratic equations.  Perhaps you should go make judgements on wall street.”

As I’ve stated before Television falls into the arts.  The commercial arts, but the arts none the less.  It’s a huge mistake to judge shows by their nIelsEn ratings as fans.  I understand a network who must examine these numbers to determine if the show is commercially successful or not but it’s no way to judge if a show is good or not and this network isn’t exactly in the place to toss established shows in the next year due to CW sized ratings.

You can’t decide that a season premiere is bad because a few thousand people didn’t watch all the way through.  It’s on the CW for crying out loud.  It wasn’t going to have great ratings.  It’s the lead in for a totally unrelated demographic show 90210 and up against the massive American Idol machine.  Not to mention that over half it’s promo campaign was done featuring the wrong premiere date.  This show has been doomed from the start ratings wise and the only thing that’s going to keep it going is fans watching it for the content.

red_velvet_cakeI’ve watched a show because of it’s hype but never because it was doing well in the NIelsEns.  I don’t think you can stand to judge something by numbers alone and you sure can’t use it as an excuse to validate your opinions when you have nothing to say of the content of the show itself.  Mostly because you didn’t bother to watch it.  Being merely concerned with the demos and numbers is like only eating cake because you need fuel to not die.  So go grab some red velvet Mr Troll man and enjoy life a little.



~ by doublebitch on March 4, 2009.

7 Responses to “Story Time with Reaper”

  1. As someone involved in said dispute, I heart you completely. 😀

  2. I actually find that I’m not interested in most of the highest rated shows. The only ‘top rated’ show I watch is Grey’s, and it’s sucking hard.

  3. I thought they were called Nielson Ratings, and I agree a show definitely should not be judged on how many people watch it. Look at American Idol, it gets huge ratings but it is hardly stellar television watching.

  4. Wow. Talk about not being able to take criticism. The patron troll today used ANTM’s ratings to take another potshot at the “Reaper fans” from yesterday (read: people who disagreed with the troll’s views on Reaper’s ratings, be they Reaper fans or not).

  5. Yeah, the only reason I bothered to make a response to his comments was based on the fact that he was denouncing people because they were fans of the show. Why is someone, who is apparently not a fan of any show ever, on looking at and commenting 10+ times a day on NIelsEn ratings?

  6. I hate the rating system but the truth is that ratings are all networks look for. They do not care if they have the best show ever or the worst just as long as it has ratings, it will go on or not.

  7. yes, but if we as fans use ratings systems to decide what we watch then we’re screwing ourselves even more than the ratings system already does. As a viewer, I’m not even marginally included in the nIelsEn ratings results.

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