The wheels on the bus

bus1Reality TV is rampant these days and has been for quite a few years.  One has to wonder when they’ll run out of ideas for reality TV.

Lately the newest trend has been to take your old washed up reality show and put it on a bus.  There’s rock of love bus, there’s that dating on a bus show and now A&E has ordered one of their famous tattooing shows but this time.. on a bus.

That lead me to thinking, what reality shows wouldn’t work on a bus?

Hells Kitchen on a bus? sure.
Survivor: Bus Edition? Totally!
The Real World: Bus? Haven’t they already done this?
The Biggest Looser? I guess if you had to push the bus..
So You Think You Can Dance! On a bus? That might actually be entertaining and then when they get voted off you can hit them with the bus.
American Idol: American Tour..bus? It would require fewer contestants or maybe could be an after the show thing.
The Bachelor? Oh what if he was the bus driver!  We follow a bus driver looking for love but he can never leave the bus.
Bus Fear Factor. You could fill the bus with water and sharks! Then make them eat the seats after a school field trip!
The Amazing Race: Public Transit. You get a bunch of transit passes and have to get around the world using only buses.
Super Nanny Bus Supervisor.  Jo comes in and yells at a bunch of kids on the way to school then yells at their parents for being failures.

See!  This just proves you can put anything on a bus and make it a ‘new’ version of what you’ve already been doing.  It’s not new, it’s not more interesting. Just because you can put anything on a bus doesn’t mean you should.  It’s just on a bus.  Now a clown car? Then I might tune in.



~ by doublebitch on March 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “The wheels on the bus”

  1. I’m on a bus

  2. right now? what’s the reality-ability factor? good?

    I had dinner with Christina last night and she told me there’s Jon and Kate +8 scandal.

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