ANTM: Cycle 12 starts with 13

antmpromophotocycle12After a quick stop at Cesar’s Palace the ladies are back in New York.  I use the term ladies lightly here.  I’m always amazed at how obvious the producers are in this show.  In some reality shows you don’t really feel the producers pulling the strings but in ANTM it’s hard to miss.

Girls like Sandra who are clearly, off the bat performing the worst yet get to stay because they cause drama and talk about themselves like they’re God.  She’s beautiful but her attitude will get her kicked out long before the final.  Rest assured she’ll stay around long after she should have gone just to push buttons and try to break the others.

This looks like a good crop.  A few weird ones, like Allison who’s obsessed with blood and should be doing horror movies. Check out all the contestants and some makeover predictions from I’m going to put my money on Celia being in the top three.  She’s mature, she takes good shots and she’s pretty.  Aminat and Tahlia are my other two picks but the game is young.  (and maybe London 4th runner up)

Oh ANTM, It’s so good to have you back.


~ by doublebitch on March 8, 2009.

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