Fans Doing Stupid Things part 1

Fans always have and always will be on board with stupid things that they think are great ideas when really they’re terrible ideas.  This is the biggest reason why it’s important for shows to hear their fans but not necessarily listen to them.

Fans have been writing fan fiction for decades to play out all the little scenes that they’ll never see on their screens.  These venues are great.  I love a good fic, I even enjoy a good crack fic but that’s what it comes down to FICTION.. of ..fiction.

rosenbaum03Some Smallville fans are crying out desperately for the return of Lex in season 9.  Hell, we’re not even sure we have a full season return of CLARK yet.  This should be our bigger concern.  But overall, as much as I love the ‘Baum and think he really made Smallville in it’s earlier seasons the stories were getting a little out of control.  I like what they’ve done this season without him.. well questionably without him.  I will commend them on their double -match guy.  That eye was right on even if the shape of his head is off a little.

What it comes down to is they can do it without him and Rosenbaum left for a reason.  I think he deserves the freedom he fought for.  Stomping and screaming as fans isn’t going to do anything to change the fact that he’s just plain done with the show and I dont blame the guy.  I think he’s got a whole lot more in him and personally I’d rather see it than see more Lex on Smallville.



~ by doublebitch on March 8, 2009.

2 Responses to “Fans Doing Stupid Things part 1”

  1. I’m actually not sure why they even brought the character back to kill, even though it was a really sweet episode. I was perfectly happy with leaving him stuck in his Internet/Mercy chair and nobody knowing where he was for a full season.

    That said, I would really like for someone named Luthor to return to the show.

  2. how about martha?! she just fell off the face. I wish she’d come back just for a cameo here and there.

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