Matrelli Loves Your Socks

m_argyle_khakiI’ve heard of foot fetishes but never a sock fetish.  This was really random and creepy.  Matrelli is creepy.  She always has had a bit of a creepy vibe to her but tonight cemented this for me.  HRG calls Ma while she’s in her town car being driven around and we see her rubbing green argyle socks on her face.  I can’t be the only person who saw this! Talk about the long lost throwback.   Apparently her love isn’t for stealing things she doesn’t need, (she’s still doing that?) but more for the socks themselves.  This would have been helped by a scene of her shopping.. or..I don’t know, doing something relevant to the past 2.75 years of her character development?
Then we get a creepy scene of her eating oysters and drinking champagne.  I suppose we’re supposed to see her status and her feminine prowess but what the hell?!  I thought she was going to jump across the table and have at the hunter.  Yikes!

My guess is that she’s got a thing for evil men in power and somehow got her hands on a pair of the Hunter’s socks.  Eww.



~ by doublebitch on March 9, 2009.

One Response to “Matrelli Loves Your Socks”

  1. That is disturbing. I did not notice the socks, will look for it on rewatch but ick.

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