BSG 4.18

adama-paintingAnd with this, we’re down to just the multi-part series finale.

I’ve been loving these final episodes of Battlestar, but with each passing episode I’ve become more and more worried about just how much is still left for the show to explain. It looked like we may finally get some answers about Kara this ep, but no. And since finding Earth to be a dead end, the fleet really hasn’t made any advancement towards an actual home, which is getting rather ominous at this point.

hybrid-andersWhile it’s looking like Battlestar may not answer all the questions that remain (one I’m really hoping to get an answer to being Baltar’s Head Cylon and Head Baltar, I actually want an answer to this more than to Kara), it is clear that Ron Moore and company know where they’re going with this, and what they’re doing to end the show. Things like Hybrid Anders, and the return of the opera house visions seem to be paving the road. To what, I honestly have no idea. Only the finale left and I really do not know how this is going to play out, which is really damn cool.

Speaking of really damn cool, ‘Islanded in a Stream of Stars’ is probably my favourite episode title ever. Not just for BSG either.

cylon-death-starThe one thing I’m not really sure about is the Colony, which seems to be a freaky Cylon Death Star. To me it looks like something out of Lexx more than Battlestar, but I guess we’ll be seeing a lot more of it in the finale, and I’ll hold off judgement until the series is over.

The episodes since Gaeta’s mutiny have been lacking in character deaths, which has me expecting thing to go very, very badly for the fleet. Only ten days left…



~ by Jerk on March 10, 2009.

3 Responses to “BSG 4.18”

  1. woah, wordpress signed me out. odd. anyway, I TOTALLY agree on the ep name. I’ve been looking forward to it just for that all week.

    do you think the show could end without answering Kara? I think I might be okay with that to be honest.

    How do you feel about leaving Galactica? I’m still waiting on her to turn cylon and do something amazing but I did almost cry when they decided it was time to let her go. So much heartache. I hope I never live through a robot induced nuclear war.

  2. That’s probably been my favourite bit of the last few episodes, watching the slow death of Galactica. As for Kara, I think why she’s the harbinger of death will be explained, but maybe not exactly what she is.

  3. oh oh! Bambers “GAIUS BALTAR!?!” was my favorite line in a long long time.

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