Everyone Loves Dancing

reaper-danceSometimes, a show gives you something that you didn’t even realize you’d been craving. In this case I’m referring to this week’s Reaper, and the dance-off between Sock and that other guy. Granted I may have been influenced by the sheer awesomeness of Tyler Labine dancing, but having given it some thought I think a dance-off would be awesome regardless of the people involved.

The thing is, were you to ask me if I enjoyed dancing in my showness I’d say no, whilst picturing some sort of lame ‘having fun at the club’ montage or something like that. But when you do something different with the dancing, it suddenly jumps from the ‘lame to meh’ range up to ‘epicly awesome’.

eli-stone-dancingThis doesn’t just apply to dance-offs, as the big choreographed dance routines in Eli Stone are also quite wonderful (and whennnn are we going to get a chance to see those final four episodes? Grrr/sigh), leading me to conclude that pulling off something unique and different with dancing will make for great TV.

I just realized, both of these shows share a universe! Apparently a very funky universe.

Here’s an idea for Heroes volume 5: introduce a character who has the ability to make those around him dance uncontrollably. Make them Parkman’s nemesis. Dancing Grunny, I guarantee that will get you an extra million viewers each week. Other people I’d like to see this power used on include HRG, Sylar and Matrelli.

This was not the post I was planning on making when I started.



~ by Jerk on March 13, 2009.

4 Responses to “Everyone Loves Dancing”

  1. If you styled the Heroes dancing character in 70’s blacksploitation funkyness he could single handedly save the show.

  2. i spent a good half hour looking for the video of Kane dancing on Vegas but I cant find it. Anyway, it’s interesting that we’ve done posts on a bunch of things like this. Shows with dancing, episodes with singing or bands, episodes with ‘stars’ and they all seem to be in the arts. I wonder if there’s a theme of shows putting on plays?

    either way, I really like the way Labine dances.

  3. I loved the episode of Buffy season one where Buffy, Xander and Willow are forced to put on Oedipus for the talent show. It was just a little bit at the end during the credits but it was awesome.

  4. oh and then there’s the musical episode…

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