Top 10 Smallville Moments

901705_bigThe fakeout is one of Smallville’s favorite things.  They show us the beautiful world we could be living in.  A world without Lex, a word where Lois and Clark love freely and the world accepts an alien among them.  There’s rainbows and butterflies and corn as far as you can see but it never stays that way.  Someone always wakes up or goes back in time or dies.  They never let us really have what we want.

I understand that with any show you can’t really give the viewers what they want because then they’ll just get bored but with Smallville especially because we know the future, we’ve watched it already.  While they have no specific responsibility to a set verse future they do have to stay somewhat within the bounds.  The Clark and Lois love thing, I don’t think we’ll ever really see.

With this said, I think that despite the episode being a little on the ‘meh’ side the scene where Clark tells Lois is probably up there in my top 10 Smallville scenes ever.  That got me thinking.  What are my top 10 favorite Smallville scenes of the past 8 years?  Without going back and actually watching, off the top of my head they are as follows:

Jason and Lana’s meeting in “France”

Jason, Lex and Clark getting tortured by Evil!Lana

Clark tells Lois his secret

Clark and Alecia’s Wedding in Vegas

Lana gets hit by a bus

Lana and Chloe Battle Royal in the school

Lionel gets shanked in the shower

Lex walks 33.1 to that AFI tune

The Clexiest scene of all time, where Clark tells Lex he’s left Lana

the 10th spot goes to a three way tie between baby Lex plays with his toys and gets scolded, Labyrinth Clark is crazy and the time Chloe found Clark hiding in Metropolis.

Okay so I couldn’t just pick 10 but it was fun to go back and think about it.  What would you add or take off this list? And was last night’s Clois scene as list worthy as I think it was?



~ by doublebitch on March 13, 2009.

7 Responses to “Top 10 Smallville Moments”

  1. Mmmm, Lana getting hit by a bus…

    I’d definitely add something with Labyrinth and Chloe, either her death or Clark hugging her when he wakes up.

    And I’m surprised you don’t have some Transference on there.

  2. yeah see transference was totally in my head too. I guess you could take out the jason/lana thing or the lana chloe battle and put in the mirror scene. Also I wanted something from Red but nothing stood out other than slutty chloe

  3. Clark and Lex planning to move to Metropolis and get a place together?

  4. I always really liked that scene. If you took that out you’d have to replace it with something clexy from early season 1

  5. I don’t remember “Sluttly Chloe” from Red, maybe you mean Rush?

    I liked some of those moments, but I would have had more Chloe in the list! As well as some Commencement.

  6. AH! They’re blending! yeah the one with the bug and then Pete off the cliff. That was so Rush wasn’t it! uh like I said I didn’t go back though the dvds making the list.

    I love Chloe. I was making the ‘ship higherarchy to my boyfriend last night. It goes:
    Clark and his mother
    Clark and the dog
    Clark and the sad ball
    Clark and anything
    Clark and Lana

    I thought about the tornado scene and believe it or not I’m actually starting to miss Whitney.

  7. Yeah, I always liked him. Also I’d probably put Clex above Clois.

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