Pilot Pet Peeve

Just a quick rant on my pet peeve with pilots.  I understand the logistics of how pilots are often shot months before they get picked up and start filming the second and subsequent episodes and then there’s the additional time it may take before they come to air.  A lot of time passes between pilot and second episode but is it not their job to convince us that didn’t happen?

My pet peeve is when characters look visually different between the pilot and the second episode.  This most commonly happens in the hair department because well.. it grows.  We are human, time marches on but it’s a show, a production can’t we err on the side of contenunity?

rep1Don’t even get me started on actor changes.  Was Missy Peregrym in the Reaper pilot that aired?  Backup 2.0.. Even Kane’s hair between the Leverage pilot and the second episode that aired was quite different, granted that’s a bit of an exception considering we’re just now finding out the correct order vs airing order vs shooting order.   Okay, I’m ranting again.  I just think a little bit of attention to detail never killed anybody.

[Side note – This really hit me with the flashbacks in this weeks BSG.  They did a good job of throwing back the characters to their younger selves but I think you’d see the differences quite glaringly if you went back and did a comparison.  This isn’t really doable in the physical human world that we live in but it does take you out of the myth for a moment.]



~ by doublebitch on March 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “Pilot Pet Peeve”

  1. I remember reading that they reshot the Andi scenes for the pilot with her, though I wish I’d kept that original leaked pilot that I downloaded way back when it first hit the internet to compare.

    Plus lots of shows have unaired pilots that were more pitches to the network for the show and vary quite a bit from the final product.

  2. ^^Didn’t Buffy do that unaired pitch thing? I remember watching the 30 min unaired pilot, it was odd. No Alyson Hannigan!

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