What Was and Always Should Be

900385_bigI know we’ve talked about this before but with each passing episode I feel the growing need to ask the question again.  Have Sam and Dean Winchester gone too far?

I still have faith in Kripke.  I will not turn my back on Kripke and the faith that I have in the show.  I don’t think they’d ever let things get off the rails but the show can only grow and progress for so long before it takes itself to a new place, something that it wasn’t in the beginning.

I don’t think anyone would fight me on the opinion that this show has been better season after season.  I also think it’s agreeable to say that the basis of the show is the brother’s relationship plus some awesome lore/mythology.  Right now I’d say the myth is in a great place, their stories are only growing in the ‘epic-ness’ but as far as the brothers go, they’re barley functional and I’m pretty sure on their way to yet another showdown.

Should we blame Demon Hand Sam?  Or should we blame Emo HellBoy Dean?  Either way, one of the things that makes the show good, and always has is the brothers and I can’t help but feel like they’ll never really be the same.   Has this journey harmed the things we always loved about the show?  Is anybody actually worried?



~ by doublebitch on March 16, 2009.

8 Responses to “What Was and Always Should Be”

  1. No, I’m not worried in the slightest. The writers are crafting a terrific story, one that will keep Supernatural relevant in reruns for years to come. They’re perfectly aware that the brothers’ bond is the cornerstone of the show’s success; their bond isn’t beyond the point of return. The brothers will triumph and their bond will be strengthened, stronger than ever because they’ve overcome apocalyptic struggles both public and personal. Does every television viewer who grew up during the 90s have only a 10 minute attention span? 🙂 Yes, I’m nagging like an old lady. It’s called having patience. It’s waiting for the dramatic payoff; that’s what makes for good television. Trust this old lady. If all I wanted was to see the brothers looking pretty and having tender moments I’d read fanfiction and keep the last photoshoots of Padalecki and Ackles in my cache. No need to watch the show. Do we want Supernatural or do we want Smallville? Enjoy the ride and wait for the payoff.

  2. I’m enjoying watching the slow destruction of Sam & Dean’s relationship…would I be doing so if I thought it would never be repaired? No, probably not. My heart would be bleeding along with them probably. But I fully expect the final showdown to lead to something bigger and better for the boys and I do believe they’ll be strengthened again. The fact is they haven’t been the same since Dean returned; he’s changed and so did Sam in his absence. I think they’d have to find their way back to each other again without this further erosion, so why not take it to the brink of destruction and then bring the bond back? If the mytharc wasn’t so strong I probably would be more angsty about it but I have faith right now!

  3. Yes the story and the show demands some patience but not for a second do I think that the brothers have grown too far apart. As long as there’s talent behind the scenes as well as on screen and as long as viewers faith in that talent endures the slow build up, or destruction I should say, is a good thing. It’s a very good thing since the wait will make the pay off so much sweeter. And if not, well let’s just say that I wont be buying any DVDs or anything else Kripke might scribble down the road. He knows what’s at stake and I doubt he’ll muck this up, not intentionally anyway.

    As nolebucgrl said, both Sam and Dean have changed. That is the nature of all human or slightly-less-human relationships. Little bit demon blood brings it own challenges to the mix but the inescapable fact is that time changes people even if ever so slowly. Strong bonds, especially those of family kind, will endure those changes better than most and even if the relationship is at some point shot to hell it’ll always be there. Just different.

  4. I wish they’d script the brothers becoming nastier and more brutal with one another. Push the boundaries to cringeworthy levels. What we’ve seen so far is barely anything. Further distance Supernatural from the rest of the CW’s teenaged tripe. Take chances. Have you seen the new Battlestar Galactica? Apollo/Lee Adama and his father share a deep bond, but they’ve said horrific things to one another when highly stressed because of their desperation to survive and to remain a civilized society in spite of the ruin the cylons have wrought. Bill Adama called his son a coward and a liar in one of the most emotionally brutal scenes I’ve witnessed in a long time when Lee chose to defend Gaius Baltar at trial. If their relationship can recover from *that,* Dean and Sam will recover from this.

    I watch Supernatural because I’m engrossed by its story. I’m glad it’s been fleshed out. As other commenters have already said, Dean and Sam’s bond will survive these trials. No, it won’t ever be the same. It’ll be better and stronger. I consider this series an underrated gem.

  5. Deep breath! UBER COMMENT REPLY!

    HA! I love it, Galveston! That’s awesome. I do enjoy being told on occasion. Let’s not look into what that says about me. Anyway, You’re totally right. I’m committed and ready to wait for the pay off, just a little worried that it can never be what I want it to be. And it probably wont be but that doesn’t make it bad or wrong. Happy endings aren’t in the cards for a lot of the shows that I love and I’m still working on coming to terms with that. I’m in no way trying to imply that I dislike what they’re doing or that I would in any way stop watching. Maybe I should have rephrased to has the vital pivot point of the show changed? and will it be what we loved about it when it’s all said and done?

    Noel, I think my issue is that I don’t really feel like fixing it is a viable option at this point. I’m sure they’ll pull something out of the bag that I’ve never thought of but it would require Sam really stopping his power usage (which would also make me sad) and then building the trust back up with Dean, I just don’t know if it’s possible.

    Rameau, This really came to me because I found myself annoyed with Sam in this past episode and it soured my enjoyment of the ‘brother’ scenes a little. Maybe it’s just me.

    Yay! I love replies!

    Burgundy, I liked when Adama called Lee fat. That was like his breaking point. ha. See I don’t know if Sam and Dean could recover from that because as strong as they are, fighters and all they don’t have military strength. There’s a bold straight-ness to the adama’s that I don’t think “Heart to heart over the impala” boys have. Dean is a total softy and Sam gets offended and doesn’t forget. They’re strong survivors and fighters but is that emotional bond strong enough to stand this? Yes, I’m sure it is. But I enjoy that it lets me ask theses questions. If we weren’t asking these questions the direction they’re going wouldn’t be working.

    I think the last thing you said was exactly my point though. It wont ever be the same. I can accept better and stronger as long as it wont lose the identity that I’ve always loved about the show. Again, I trust Kripke and will wait it out but not without asking questions.

  6. I think the bond has to be broken this season to make them stronger later, to be able to fight the evil that is coming. I think next year will be a rebuild/a rebirth of their relationship.

  7. I think Stacey and Burgundy are right. What do they say? You’ve got to lose yourself in order to find yourself…something like that. Well, I think the same thing can apply to relationships – although it’s extremely risky. But if you succeed in finding each other again, it can only strengthen or deepen whatever was there before.

    I also think it would be more realistic if things were nastier and more brutal. When you think about it, relationships can get nasty over the stupidest things, and here, the weight of the world is both of their shoulders. Also, when you have strong feelings for a person, the intensity or passion normally doesn’t stay contained within the boundaries of love…those feelings can manifest just as strongly in feelings of anger and hatred, but once the relationship goes there, it’s extremely challenging to repair it. However, that’s what this show is about…overcoming challenging situations.

  8. I think perhaps some of us are worried because we are confusing two different questions, thinking it is one. I think some people are thinking that the question, can the boys heal their bond and be as close as they have been is the same as the question can things go back to the way they were.

    I feel that things between the boys will never truly be the same as it once was. At least, realistically. I don’t know how the writing team and Kripke will write it, but in the real world, with all the Winchester boys have been through, there is no way they could ever be the same exact people they were before this season, much less have the exact same relationship.

    But the thing is, they CAN heal from this and move forward from where they are now. Their bond can become solid once again with time. If they can weather this, there’s every reason to believe that they could be stronger and closer than ever before–but it would take a lot of mutual work and patience.

    Just like their relationship grew and cemented in the face of adversity over the last few seasons, they can continue to grow and adapt to the changes in each other and bring their brothers’ bond to a whole new level of maturity and closeness. I believe they can’t go back, but they can move on to something even better…they can do it and I’m hoping this is how Kripke and his team of writers will reward us.

    After all the hardships, after all the painful loss, I’m hanging onto the hope that Sam and Dean will find their deep bond growing stronger and have the happy ending they deserve when all is said and done (Can you hear that Mr. Kripke? Please let them have a happy ending together when it’s all over).

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