Decisions, Decisions, Decisions

Which side of the line would you end up on? DoubleBitch suggested this topic, and it got firmly wedged in my head so I figured I could wring a full post out of it.

bsg-line1First of all, I’m not sure if we as viewers can really make this choice. As viewers, we’ve been privy to Adama’s private moments, we’ve had a chance to see who he is behind closed doors, while the majority of the crew have only seen the ‘Admiral Adama’ facade he has on in public. We’ve also had front row seats to every conflict he’s been involved in since the fall of the colonies, and it’s become clear that a) Bill Adama knows what he’s doing and b) if you go against him you are going to lose, regardless of how badly the odds seem stacked in your favour (and don’t even think of trying to bluff him). As viewers we’re all strong Adama backers.

The actual Galactica crew has had to (in the past… month-ish? Maybe two?) deal with the realization that the one goal the fleet has been heading towards since the Cylons first re-attacked is a complete dead end, a bloody attempted mutiny/revolution, and finding out that their home/only defense for years is on the verge of uninhabitability. Any one of these things would cause the crew to rethink some of their beliefs.

Then you have the fact that the man who was almost executed in a mutiny (which you may or may not have been a part of) is asking you to go on a suicide mission on a ship that’s already dying in an attempt to save a child who’s far more important to the species that nearly caused the extinction of humanity than to your own. I really don’t think that we as viewers can realistically weigh these factors before coming to a decision, even if we couldĀ  ignore how the show has repeatedly shown the infallible nature of William Adama.

gigerstar-galacticaNow I’m going to hijack my own post a bit, as there are two things I’d like to mention from this episode that aren’t expansive enough to warrant a full post of their own. The first is the appearance of the Colony. Last time I said it reminded me of something from Lexx, but here it’s positively H.R. Giger-ian! That is one freaky, cool design.

The other thing is, I’d be remiss if I made a post about this episode and didn’t at least mention the random scene of a very drunk Lee (at what seemed to be quite early, though the standard Caprica soft glow may be messing with my fictional time of day sense) swatting at a pigeon with a broom. The rest of the flashback scenes I got, this one not so much.

Anyway, getting back to the point of this post, after I spent around 400 words attacking the idea of choosing sides, I guess my short answer would be starboard.



~ by Jerk on March 17, 2009.

3 Responses to “Decisions, Decisions, Decisions”

  1. Your argument is assuming two things:
    1) that I’m not a cylon and I totally am. I just thought you should know.
    2) People don’t talk. If you were just a minion on Galactica the people we consider to be the main cast were probably your only form of entertainment. People talk, they probably know and hear rumors of everything that happens on the ship.

    I would cross for Adama again for two reasons:
    1) the other option is to go to the cylon base star? ship? whatever. which is beautiful to those who can project but not so awesome for those who can’t. There’s no mission for staying. There’s no goal just to wait and not die for as long as you can.
    2)I would have pulled a Dee and killed myself forever ago, so if I WAS still alive I’d rather follow the action. I’m a risk taker like that.

  2. So what you’re saying is you’re a dead Cylon who can’t project and hates Basestars?

  3. yeah.

    Oh oh I saw an interview with Tricia Helfer who talked about all the different personalities the sixes have. She said that they have a base personality and then they’re sort of warped depending on how much time they spend around humans. I thought that had really interesting implications if you think about it and Boomer. First I thought oh yeah cause she was all in love with cheif but he was a cylon so.. but he thought he was human. maybe thats even worse.

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