Whats wrong with this picture?


I meant to answer this all of like two days ago but I also expected someone to notice that a potentially nerd worthy, totally funny show has set it’s premiere on a totally unknown network for not only the same night as the BSG finale but at the SAME DAMN TIME!  My heart would break even more if I actually had a hope in hell of getting the *starz* network on my cable anyway.  Carry on,


~ by doublebitch on March 18, 2009.

3 Responses to “Whats wrong with this picture?”

  1. Dick looks like a chick?

  2. ha! yeah, well there’s that.

  3. Hehe yeah, I didn’t notice that and wouldn’t! But I’m glad you posted the answer. I don’t have Starz either, gonna have to hit this one on the web.

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