BSG links day part 2

Okay, maybe we should just make it BSG links week.  I really don’t feel too bad about this considering we probably wont be posting much in this category from here on out.  I’m in a funk.  I’m sad and I’m kinda kicking myself for not going out to a Frak party and meeting some cool people around the city.  Either way, I hope you enjoyed watching tonight or whenever you get around to it.

Link #1 is a clip from the UN panel that was held earlier this week.  I tried to watch at the time but it was having technical difficulties.  If you’ve never heard EJO speak in person, please put it on your to-do before you die list.  He told us he plans to live to 120 years old so there’s lots of time yet.  He IS Adama.  The epic speeches, the mentality, everything.  It’s in him.  Check out his rant on race

The second link for today is to a letter written to the fans by Creator/Producer Ronald D. Moore.  It’s really touching and full of great lines like  “All I know is that today there is a show called Battlestar Galactica and tomorrow there was.”  Sniffle!  Check that out.  I’ve got a few more hours to wait before the finale becomes a reality for me but I know it’s gonna be good.

So Say We All!


~ by doublebitch on March 20, 2009.

One Response to “BSG links day part 2”

  1. Once you’ve seen the finale you should read this link too. It’s about some of the cast watching the finale.

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