Little Angel, Big Voice

Last night rocked.  I was actually surprised for a week coming off of a break or breaks recently they really came in strong with new material across the board.  Bravo Thursday night TV!

Anyway, what I really want to get down to is Supernatural.  How heartbreaking was Dean this week?  I LOVED that they had Papa not break so they had to go to Dean and Dean was weak.  That’s going to eventually kill him.  If we thought Dean made bad decisions before, he’s sure going to now.  Sammy, wow.  As if sleeping with the dead girl wasn’t enough… now he’s a quasi vampire.  Hop on the craze while it’s still hot!

jared-padalecki-and-genevieve-cortese-jared-padalecki-2910957-996-722While all the main character action was amazing I want to spend a little time on our sideline kids.  The B string if you will.  They really got a chance to shine tonight and even had whole scenes to themselves, which I’m sure both Jensen and Jared appreciated.  Warning, I’m about to say something nice about Ruby 2.0:  I actually liked this reveal, in the previews I thought he wanted to sleep with her again and when it was something else I was relieved but I think she did a good job of making the blood giving not really creepy?  I’m not sure exactly what I’m going for here but I think Katie Cassidy with her big eyes and pretty hair, she’d have made it look really really wrong.   I think maybe we’re beginning to accept the changes in Ruby too, not just acting but character wise.

I’m glad to see Anna back.  I didn’t think I would be, but the way it’s worked out we sort of have this crazy team that’s going to back up the brothers now.  I like her visually, though she reminds me of Felicia Day.

castiel-cropAt the beginning of the episode I was finally starting to like Uriel but the twist was totally worth losing him.  What I really wanted to talk about is Castiel.  I’ve been sort of hot and cold about him from the beginning.  I know he’s a big fan favorite but I just didn’t really get him and I didn’t get where the show was going with this angel bit.  The story just seems like something that should have been a little more intertwined with the show from the start if they wanted me to believe it.  Anyway, Cas surprises me every time he opens his mouth.  He’s got such a soft face and a soft presence, then he opens his mouth and out comes this booming low voice.  How perfect is that?!  I love it and I think this story has finally won me over.   Epic Episode.



~ by doublebitch on March 20, 2009.

4 Responses to “Little Angel, Big Voice”

  1. Couldn’t agree more, I loved just about everything in the episode. Jensen really brought it as Dean gave in to torturing Alastair and then found out he was the one who started the whole apocalypse. Fantastic episode.

  2. I’ve been more hot and hotter (in a mostly non-sexual way) with Cas since he showed up, but this was really his big episode. There should be an ep with a Justice-style shot of Cas, Anna, Ruby, Bobby, Sam, and Dean walking in slow-mo in a line.

    Also, I’d been thinking demon blood was Sam’s secret for a few eps now, saying as it was what gave him his powers to begin with, drinking more should equal better powers.

  3. okay but ky and I talked about this. Isn’t sams blood stronger than Ruby’s would be anyway? Maybe he should be drinking his own blood.

  4. I doubt it. He’s human with some demon blood in him, she’s pure demon. Her blood is probably much weaker than that of Azazel’s though.

    Unless she’s much more powerful than she lets on. She did break herself out of a Devil’s Trap and survive whatever Lilith did to her at the end of season three.

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