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Battlestar made me want to make up this list of my favourite series finales. Not just ‘good’ or ‘acceptable’ finales, but ones that measured up with the best episodes of the show, that tied everything together perfectly. Turned out to be harder than I thought, because most of the shows that I’ve watched over the past decade or so are either still going or got cancelled without an actual series finale. Or I still haven’t managed to finish watching them *cough*RoswellAlias*cough*

So taking that into account, I had a fairly short list to start with. When all was said and done most of the finales I’ve seen evoked a ‘meh’ response. Even the Buffy finale (JerkInfo: Buffy is my favourite show of ever) made me think something along the lines of “…yeah, that was a pretty fitting way to end the show.” Even enlisting DoubleBitch to help me come up with more worthy finales and a bout of mulling it over in the shower (I come up with way too many ideas there, I think my brain hates me being able to share my thoughts with others) I’ve still only got three shows on my list.

3.) Arrested Development

development-arrestedFirst, a bit of an anecdote: The other night my roommate threw on an episode of Arrested Development, and we all ended up sitting down and watching it, actually amazed at just how hilarious it was, despite all of us having seen it more than once already. Easily the best sitcom that has ever been made, and honestly I’d be very surprised if anything ever surpasses it. Anyway, the finale not only strongly connected to the pilot to make for cool bookends to the series, but it also quite purposefully jumped the shark as many times and as many ways as it could. Comedies especially seem to have trouble coming up with really amazing series finales, but AD did it beautifully.

2.) Angel

not-fade-awayAngel, despite hopes that another network may pick it up for a sixth season and the fact that Joss and company did have a plan for what to do in case that happened, managed to have a much stronger series finale than its parent show. Everything about this episode was great, and an example of the heights the show reached, but it’s the final scene that really makes Not Fade Away such a wonderful ending. Having the four remaining members of the gang facing pretty much certain doom in the form of an entire army of demons, standing in an alley in the rain. It sums up everything that Angel was so well.

1.) Battlestar Galactica

daybreakI was expecting that to be amazing, and I was still blown away. I’d resigned myself to the fact that some of the show’s mysteries were just not going to be solved, but they were. Every single one. Absolutely everything came together in 95 minutes of perfection. Far and away the biggest, most intense action setpiece of the series (and there were quite a few times I was blown away by the quality of the CGI, even compared to the already-high standard the show’s usually at. Makes something with sketchy visuals at times like Heroes look even worse considering BSG’s budget), and some of the most beautiful camerawork of any television show. Bear McCreary’s score was just as crazy-awesome as it always is, but the addition of a full orchestra was very very nice. I’m willing to bet that I’ll never be anywhere near this impressed with the ending of a show again (sorry, SPN and Lost).



~ by Jerk on March 21, 2009.

9 Responses to “Jerk's Favourite Finales”

  1. this is why I’ve started just talking to my shower. It’s a good listener. I want to go back and watch the finale again just to listen closer to the score. To be honest, I want to go back and watch the entire series that way. Bear is so amazing. SIGH! He’s on my list of people to see in concert before I die.

  2. now for the SPOILER REPLY

    I’ve been reading a lot of reviews/questions and people either seem to be hooked up on the DoubleEarths thing which I think was pretty clear or they just really need to have a stick up their ass so they’re picking apart stupid things.

    The only one I kinda agree with is how kinda lame it was that leobin didn’t even have a line in the finale. They probably could have tied up the kara/leobin line in like a glance or one line but they didn’t. It was really nice to see where everyone’s true loves were. I liked that. Maybe Leobin didn’t need to see kara and therefore he never did. I don’t know. Just thinking out loud. So pleased with it all though.

  3. I think Leoben/Kara ended when they found her body, and he freaked out about how she wasn’t what he thought she was.

  4. ah hmm right. I kinda forgot about that part.

  5. I have to agree (now after seeing the finale). It was a beautiful ending for a series, any series. Though I still prefer Angel’s finale since it actually summed up the series which in my mind only faltered during the fourth season. BSG lost me during the second season and I only kept watching for Michael Trucco. So sad, too bad. But the music was great and I wouldn’t mind listening to it again.

  6. and surprisingly Trucco came out on top. They really let the pretty boy have some pretty heavy material. I loved that.

  7. I loved it, like battlestar itself. Its pretty funny how I was the only one watching this in our circle and I kept telling people to watch it and it took you guys forever. My only comment is the everyone out of the 30k people being fine with just.. oh I dont know.. blowing their ships up and, hey why not, become roaming tribesmen. It was just a tad to far fetch for me. Then I thought, OK ya I know they are trying to really sink in that “its happen before, it will happen again” thing, which I love is from Peter Pan, but I’m sure some of them… would have stayed with the tech. Enter in “The Ancients” anyone?

  8. I’d say people would stay with the tech if the tech hadn’t fucked them in the asses for the past 4+ years, every day. They haven’t seen sun or rain or grass or anything but algae for YEARS, well since new Caprica which blew and nuke earth, also balls so I think they all wanted off the ships to a new life. It put them all on even ground and I think throughout the series they sort of showed all the non galactica people as powerless followers, realistic or not, if they didn’t make a fuss before now they’re probably just happy to get a chance to live their own lives.

  9. Also yes, you were right. I’m sorry I ever doubted you.

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