Party Let Down

Party Down; Episode 101I’m really hoping that Party Down pulls a Demitri Martin and makes me change my mind about the show after the pilot.  It was okay.  It set the premise showed a few interesting characters.  It’s got that awkwardness that makes some shows float or sink depending on how the audience ‘gets’ it.  I can see why it’s on this unheard of network.

Directed by Fred Savage, good to see him doing something other than L&O type shows.  I can’t remember which one I saw him on recently but he killed 3 women.  The set up is straight forward and I think it allows for a lot of interesting situations while allowing us to build up a relationship with the weekly characters.  I felt like Lizzy Caplin was just herself.  They cast her as the sarcastic girl, but she’s believable as a comedian.

Two highlights of the episode were seeing Papa Mars drunk and naked and the second was probably seeing Ryan Hansen rock out in the laundry room.  I actually really enjoyed him in Friday the 13th too, even if he always plays the same character, it’s a great character.

Here’s hoping next week brings the funny but it was definitely better than bad.



~ by doublebitch on March 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “Party Let Down”

  1. Finally watched the first ep of this, and I kinda totally loved it. I literally LOL’d, which is something I barely ever do when watching stuff on my own (I tend to sort of silently crack up with the occasional snort).

  2. I found it very awkward but the next two episodes are good and they’ve really started to flesh out the character.

  3. I actually liked the first ep more than the second, though Alona and Dohring as a couple was great.

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