Another One Bites The Dust

Everybody wants to go out with a bang.  Maybe this is perfect to follow the finale post because I’m talking about finale’s too but in this case season finales.  As this season winds down we’re hearing that most shows are planning to do just that.  Expect deaths across the board as the shows wrap up in the next few months.  Ausiello’s got a Death Chart laying out all the shows and expected death numbers so I thought I’d give my stab in the dark at who they’re gonna be.  This may be highly useful to come back to later and rub in my face when I’m wrong.

I’m picking out a few feature shows to look at.  Let’s start with the clues:

Heroes – Two deaths, one fake out.

Smallville – Two deaths, one long term character, one man.

Supernatural – One death, close to Sam and Dean

Chuck – One death, shocking!

heroes319__0708heroes319__0472Okay, so Heroes.  Surprise, surprise it’s another fake out!  This is assuming that none of these people have already died yet.  The fake out will be somebody big.  Let’s narrow that down again to a Patrelli. I could be way off the map here but let’s call this one Ma.  She’s the only one left from the old school generation of heroes and she’s running out of people to protect her and things that give her power.  This is assuming that there aren’t any extra versions of Ali Larter hiding in the wings some place, because that would be really lame.  The other two deaths I’d like to say Doyle.  He should have died one of the first few times he was killed but best guesses are Sylar’s dad and my one true love Daphne.  I’m willing to guess that’s going to happen sooner than later.  I REALLY don’t want her to go but it’s seemed inevitable for months now.

Smallville I’m really afraid that it’s Chloe.  Mack has been arguing her way though her contracts every time they’ve come up for renewal for years now.  The male character will be Davis Bloom.

feb16_442961341Supernatural’s death has two options, mostly because there are only two characters left close to Sam and Dean.  Bobby and Ruby.  Despite Jim Beaver being busy over on Harper’s Island I think it’s time we let go of Ruby.  On top of massive fan disapproval, I think it’s necessary for her to go to allow Sam to really come into his own.

chuck-2x15-chuckversusthebeefcak-23Chuck’s shocking death, hmm.  I really have no idea.  Maybe one of the guys from the BuyMore.  If you wanna go really shocking it’ll be Captian Awesome.  I wouldnt be surprised if it was Big Mike.

There you have my best guesses, what are yours?


~ by doublebitch on March 22, 2009.

8 Responses to “Another One Bites The Dust”

  1. See, I’m not sure if Davis will count as the man, he’s totally going to be in full Doomsday mode for the finale.

  2. well who else is it gonna be? Pete comes back and dies from a wild brand of yogurt!

  3. I think Ollie and Jimmy have been around long enough to count as ‘long term’ characters.

  4. I thought Allison Mack signed on for two years? I won’t be watching Smallville without her, anyway.

  5. I think Ruby is definitely right for SN. They don’t like to keep the girl’s on for too long and what will there be for her to do once Sam and Dean have their showdown? Unless the bro’s are separated for season 5, which would be highly uncool. Let’s not ponder that.

    Heroes deaths? I think Nathan might actually go for good. I don’t want this but they’ve kinda gone the spectrum with him. Fakeout? I’ll go with stupid Tracy/Nikki/whomever, since Barbara is waiting in the wings. Sigh. You could be right on the Daphne front though.

    Chuck? As long as it’s not Casey I’m going to be alright. If they kill off Casey I will be forced to give up. I’m thinking it’ll be Morgan. That would really change things for Chuck and possibly draw him deeper into the spy thing. I’m probably way off there though.

  6. So, now that we’ve had two of the Heroes deaths, which is the fake out? Daphne, Larter, or Door Number Three?

  7. oh come on! It’s so larter. AGAIN

  8. I kinda think so too, but that would be so lame! I mean, even if she is dead for good we all know that there’s a third one of her waiting to come on the show.

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