A Castle Post

I’ve been wanting to make a Castle post since I saw the premiere, but wasn’t any one thing that really grabbed me as post-worthy, and I generally try to avoid doing generic reviewness. Now the third episode airs tonight (or tomorrow night if you’re on the west coast and happen to read this just as it gets posted), and it just seems like it’s time to make this post, so I’m just going to ramble for a bit here.

castle-01My interest in Castle is completely due to Nathan Fillion. In fact, I was already planning to watch this show when the only things I knew about the show were: 1.) it’s called Castle and 2.) it stars Nathan Fillion. Honestly, I was actually expecting to tune in because I love Nathan, be mildly disappointed, and not keep watching. With both episodes so far I’ve been shocked by just how much I’ve been digging the show as a whole. Which isn’t to say that the show isn’t completely carried by Nathan. It is, but it’s also quite awesome, a very good Bones-y cop drama held together with Fillion glue. Uuuuh that sounds semeny, let’s call it Fillion mortar instead.

castle-02This isn’t to say that Stana Katic (who’s from Hamilton, yay for a Canadian cast!) isn’t good on the show, I’m actually really liking her character so far, a great foil for Castle. It’s just that it’s Nathan’s charisma and comic delivery that elevates this show above the dozens of other cop dramas and makes it worth checking out. Even if his two-finger typing style was really weird.

On the writing side, they’ve been doing a good job so far of making Castle’s writing powers useful to the cops, but not so much that he’s their magic crime solving button. It also has to be said that it’s fun to see a character on the screen tackling the plot as if it was fiction. I’ve said before that I’m a huge metafiction fan, so I’m sure that has some baring on why I’ve been as impressed with the show as I have been. While on the subject of Things I’m A Sucker For, setting your show in New York is a good way to get me to watch.

…hmm, Nathan Fillion + metafiction + New York. I think I’ve just figured out why I’ve been loving this show so much.



~ by Jerk on March 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “A Castle Post”

  1. While I totally agree with the ‘bonesy’ flavor, I’m liking this one as well. I think I like Hamilton girl because she reminds me of like 3 other people. Like a mix of Marishka Hagarty (i have no idea how to spell that) and jane doe girl from greys. I actually had to check that it wasn’t her.

    I really like his daughter too. I think she’s great, the perfect balance to all the other characters and their quirks. This show also leaves holes for some Grunny circa Alias type characters. I hope they take advantage of that.

  2. I, too, am really liking this show so far and I’m looking forward to tonight’s episode as well. I’ve seen ads where he comes up against some sarcastic frat boy and doesn’t like it at all, should be amusing. Nathan does carry the show but the other characters are all likable so far, though I think the mom could get a bit old if overused.

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