Eat Your Heart Out Tree Hill

ONE TREE HILLI try not to write about One Tree Hill, well almost as much as I try not to watch it.  I actually started watching for Danneel Harris and got sort of caught up in the good times that were season 4/5.  Either way, we have a few things we need to talk about.

Just as Dan’s about to get his heart transplant, a dog eats it.  Yes.  This is their idea of irony and a good plot.  They’ve been trying to kill Dan Scott for YEARS and it ends up being a dog that gets the last laugh.  I enjoyed that Lucas was there to squint and smirk at the dog but as far as a plot point goes this was the weakest development ever.

02_800x600I liked the little shout out to the sims 3.  I’m awaiting it’s release with baited breath.  Another thing I’m waiting for is to see what they’ll do with the next season of OTH.  It’s been released and backed up by at least Hilary Burton that both Payton and Lucas will be leaving the show.  I can’t emphasize enough how I think everyone should be leaving the show aka the show should just be ending but the CW doesn’t seem to be in the place to make any real shakeup changes to their lineup just yet.   Losing the OTP (one true pairing – for the fandomly impaired) of the show is going to put a big dent in it.

At base, if you were going to describe the show outside of “it’s a high school drama” you would say that it’s about the Scott brothers and their screwed up lives.  Well remove a Scott brother, kill the Scott father and I’m not sure what you have left.  Not to mention Lucas is the narrator of the series, that could get a little odd.  I do think it’s time for the story to move on.  It’s been telling one story extensively by telling the story then writing a book about it then making a movie about the book.. it’s just time to do something else.  I was impressed with the 5 year jump but I’m ready to let go.  I’ll be really surprised if they manage to impress me with their plans for season 7.



~ by doublebitch on March 25, 2009.

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