A 24 Requiem

deathI was waiting until enough time had passed that this post wouldn’t act as a spoiler for anyone currently watching season seven, and then I got busy and put it off some more. It’s now been over two weeks since this happened, so I think I’m safe from spoiling people. Still after-the-cutting it for people who aren’t on season seven yet *cough*Ryan*cough*.

Early in the thirteenth hour of the season, Bill Buchanan died causing a distraction that allowed Jack to kill the bad guys and rescue the President. In terms of their importance to the show at the time of their death (and not counting Tony because he came back), I’d rank this as the third biggest death on 24 to date, behind David Palmer and Teri Bauer.

bill-buchanan-01Bill first showed up on 24 near the end of Day 4 when he was called in to be the latest head of CTU. It’s a position usually held by someone who’s a dick, who either redeem themselves (Mason) or don’t (Driscoll). It wasn’t clear at the time, but Bill would end up breaking this pattern by not being a dick at all. Of course, this meant that he was removed from his position at CTU. At least three separate times that I can think of off the top of my head.

Bill Buchanan was an interesting beast in the 24 ‘verse, someone in a position of authority who actually trusted that Jack knew what he was doing. Which is why he kept ending up relieved of duty/reinstated so often, as people in an even higher position of authority would take up the mantle of distrusting Jack. Can’t make it too easy to solve these crises!

bill-buchanan-02To be honest, while it was nice to see someone on Jack’s side, I wasn’t all that big of a Buchanan fan at first. For me, he got more interesting the further removed from the bureaucracy he became. The evolution of Bill was easily one of the best parts of Day 6 for me (other than the fact that Josh was so Jack’s son), and he was just amazing during the first half of Day 7. The whole idea of the tiny team working completely independently from a van was genius. If anyone would like to make another 24 movie detailing Bill, Chloe and Tony working on their plan pre-Day 7, that would be much appreciated.

Anyway, as often happens when a character… well, when a character is on 24, Bill died. In a big explosion, helping to save the President after imparting some vital information to Jack. It’s no flying a nuke into the desert, but it’ll do. According to IMDB, Bill was the sixth most recurring character on the show. He also has the distinction of being one of the few characters we’ve actually had the chance to see Jack mourn the loss of.

R.I.P. Bill



~ by Jerk on March 26, 2009.

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