Random Question #8

joAre there any actors who you very strongly/somewhat illogically associate with a certain role?

Have you ever found this? Despite them having much larger or more important roles in other shows, they’re still always ____ to you? I find that I do this quite often (for example, Tom Lenk will always be Andrew to me. I was very excited when Andrew was in Transformers, and then pretty disappointed that the geeky side of the story decided to follow the Aussie chick instead of him), but it can normally be put attributed to the first character I saw them as leaving a strong impression on me.

One strange case (and more of what I was getting at with the question) is Alona Tal. To me she’ll always be Jo from SPN, and that’s usually how I refer to her. However, her role as Meg on VMars was much larger than Jo’s, and I was also familiar with Meg a good year before I saw her on SPN. I’m not sure why Jo is so strong in my head connection database thingy (brain, if you will), but it is.

Anybody else have illogical actor-character connections like this, and if so who?



~ by Jerk on March 28, 2009.

One Response to “Random Question #8”

  1. I think Ian McShane will always be Al Swearengen

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