Rob Thomas Finds New Life

Producer Rob Thomas looks like Bruce Willis meets Michael Phelps

Producer Rob Thomas looks like Bruce Willis meets Michael Phelps

Rob Thomas is all over the place these days but don’t be too hard on yourself if you didn’t notice.  I think we all appreciate him for his greatest gift to the TV world, Veronica Mars which died a perhaps premature death but he’s not about to let that be his last hurrah.

Apparently he’s got his hands in on the 90210 remake pot which I guess is understandable. Maybe it’s a right of passage, making the teen dramas.  JJ did it with Felicity, Al and Miles just produced a Hannah Montana movie… Josh Schwartz had The OC.  And who in this economy can say no to getting your hands on something that’s sure to make money?  (Wait, he tried to do a show with Michael Vartan?!  I would have liked to have seen that)

I’ve yet to get my hands on more than the pilot of Party Down but it’s a Rob Thomas baby from start to finish even if it is on a network where nobody’s going to watch it.  But even more shockingly is the return of Cupid in a new and supposedly improved form.  This was one of his first babies that saw the light of day nearly 10 years ago and will return to our screens revamped tonight at 10 on ABC.

cupid-11I recently had the chance to watch the original pilot (and you can too!) and I really liked it just the way it was but much like.. well anything Thomas has done it didn’t find it’s audience and didn’t make it past the first 15 episodes.  The plot is Jeremy Piven is Cupid, fallen and sent to earth due to the state of modern love and romance and told to make 100 perfect love matches au natural before he’ll be granted his powers and be allowed to join his place among the Gods again.  Fate pairs him up with a relationship councilor who despite all her advice has no love in her life and has lost the concept of true love behind practical needs and technicalities.  Cool enough concept right?  I’m skeptical because I liked it the way it was.

At the same time, this is a now seasoned Thomas getting a second chance at a show he and the network both obviously loved for their own reasons.  Maybe it’s exactly what he needs, exactly what the show needs or maybe it’s fixing a hole in a boat with tape.  I’ll tune in but I would think this puts a lot of pressure on this show to succeed.  It’s a make or break move on Thomas’ behalf.



~ by doublebitch on March 31, 2009.

7 Responses to “Rob Thomas Finds New Life”

  1. I wanted to watch Cupid but the ads have done nothing but turn me off to it. I’m not overly fond of the actress and the actor doesn’t seem right for the role. I dunno. I may give it a chance but I’m quite sure it’s no VM.

    I have watched both Party Down episodes and I enjoyed the 2nd one better than the first. There were some laugh out loud hilarious moments plus Jason Dohring with some hilarious hair. If you can get your hands on that episode, I highly recommend it!

  2. I’ll have to do that. The site I usually watch on doesn’t have it up. I’ll have to dig a little deeper.

  3. I seem to remember really liking Cupid, way back when it aired.

  4. I watch it on Netflix, not sure if you have access up there or not!

  5. that is such a problem! can’t do Netflix, Hulu or pretty much any network’s website. It’s very frustrating considering most of their channels and shows air here too but apparently there’s a boundary on the internet.

  6. That stinks, figured it though since it’s a subscription site. I’m thrilled they have it, they put them up either the same day or day after they air, so at least I’m getting to watch them around the right time.

  7. I watched the revamped Cupid yesterday, and I really did like it. : ) And Party Down…omg, Veronica Mars fans are going to love the guest appearances in season 2. Plus another fandom, but I dare not say too much!

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