Sad April Fools Joke

Perhaps I’m making a commentary that’s unnecessary but I was saddened by some of the lame April Fool’s jokes going around today.  I for one do not participate in the belittling of people for joy.  Wait.. no I totally do that but I find it much more entertaining when it’s clever and on every twitter_logo_headerday of the year, not just the first of April.

The one that really saddened me was the CW’s twitter joke

default_profile_bigger@CW_network In the tradition of 90210 and MELROSE PLACE, The CW network announces plans to launch a new version of ALF

What’s said is this is more self mocking than a practical joke.  What’s even more sad is that I wouldn’t really put it past the CW to do something  like this.  Do they realize the joke they’re making out of their little network that could can kinda, sometimes.  Maybe instead of making jokes we could work on finding a little integrity somewhere deep down in the tiny amount of cred they have rubbed off from ye old WB days.    I just finished reading Season Finale which was about the rise and fall of the WB and the UPN.  It made me really nostalgic.  You should check it out if this interests you.

Happily ready for April 2nd,


~ by doublebitch on April 1, 2009.

5 Responses to “Sad April Fools Joke”

  1. To be fair, ALF was awesome.

  2. I could not get over the amount of April Fool’s junk on Twitter today. Just so lame. Not remotely original and nothing believable.

    Sadly, I could see the CW doing something like that as well. I made the mistake of watching the second half of 90210 last night. It’s not a mistake I will make again.

  3. Alf was awesome but a remake would be really bad

  4. But remember, Battlestar was a remake. I like to believe in the potential for remake awesomeness until I’m shown otherwise. I’m usually let down, of course.

  5. The CW remade 90210 and Melrose place

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