TV Mixes Things Up

I don’t know how PC this is and I’m sure if you came back and read this in 10 or 20 years it would sound really bad but I mean it in the best way possible.  There’s no doubt that TV is still white washed and maybe even segregated to some extent.  I believe this is still true in the half hour comedy genre.  Anyway, we’re here to celebrate our favorite mixed couples! I think their rarity makes them something of note.

foreman-thirteenThirteen & Eric Foreman (Wait, wasn’t that Topher Grace’s name on That 70s show?)  I have really enjoyed watching this couple.  I enjoy most of the relationships on House, they’re never plain or boring and they’re not over the top with emotions either.  They’re a logical bunch of people trying to deal with the strange circumstances of their lives.  Thirteen is such a multi-layered character with a rich history and a medical condition that both foreshadows her future and creates a mystery.  Olivia Wilde hits it out of the park with this one, while Dr Foreman plays her rock.  Maybe he’s not the best with relationships but they need each other.cristina-hunt

Yang & Hunt – Okay, so maybe we love him for being so amazing on the late Journeyman but this couple brings a perseverance to the table that Yang and Burke never did.  The character of Yang has changed so much over the past few years/seasons that she needed a complex counter part like Owen Hunt.  This has been one of the best and most undermined storylines of the season.  A crime I say!

leverage17Parker & Hardison – Okay so they’re only sort of together but this one is canon I swear!  They’re both a little messed up, they both come from similar backgrounds and have skills that complement each other.  I love watching their scenes together and seeing how two people who are not exactly normally socialized try to deal with their feelings and actions.  It raises a lot of questions for me, I’d like to know more about both of their pasts and I’d like to see a little romance in season 2 maybe.. maybe.

dotgdmeetTara Thornton & Jason Stackhouse -TrueBlood has some really vivid characters.  Two of my favorites are Tara and Jason.  They both go for exactly what they want though sadly I don’t think Tara is what Jason’s after.  That doesn’t make them any less entertaining.  I can’t wait to see the inevitable tag team they’ll make trying to save Sookie from the evil vampires.prov_carlo_rota_290107_210

Yasir & Sarah Hamoudi – They’re the quintessential parents on Little Mosque on the Prairie and they’re never in a scene that doesn’t make me laugh.  They’re caring and supportive and more than a little goofy, but at the same time they portray a realistic marriage of two people who genuinely love each other.

One more we’d love to see more of would be Sock and his sister on Reaper and while we’re at it, one for the WORST IDEA EVER list, Mohinder and Maya.  The end.



~ by doublebitch on April 2, 2009.

One Response to “TV Mixes Things Up”

  1. Hee, it’s so wrong to root for Sock and his sister isn’t it? But they’re so cute together! I loved him watching her sing in her karaoke machine this week. Just awesome.

    I’m not familiar with most of your couplings but I had to comment on Christina/Hunt. I really, really like them together and I think they may be the only reason I’m really watching Grey’s anymore. Fantastic chemistry and it’s cool to see Christina taking this new guiding position with her man that she didn’t have with Burke.

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