17 Episodes of Awesome ’70s Cop Action, 6 Minutes of… Other…. Stuff.

The US version of Life on Mars came to an end this week, and… well, I can honestly say it wasn’t what I was expecting. At all. Or that there was any way for someone to guess what was going to happen.

life-on-mars-kissI’m not even sure that I didn’t like how they ended it, it was so random. Like the wacky twist at the end of an Outer Limits episode. Actually, I do think I didn’t like it. The reason being it pretty much invalidated all of the relationships we’d grown so fond of. They were just a combination of Sam’s (was his name even really Sam?) subconscious and a slightly malfunctioning… cryonic sleep chamber thingy. I do have to say, if that ending had been planned from the beginning it’s probably better that the series only got the one season. Having several seasons with these characters just to get that ending would be… not good.


This is where the show should have ended.

The strange thing is, they’d already made a perfectly acceptable end for the series. In fact it was actually the ending that I’d been hoping for, with Sam choosing to give up on 2008/9 and instead remain in 1973. I was quite happy not getting an explanation of what the hell had happened to Sam in the first place. Also bringing his neighbour back, who hadn’t been seen in however many episodes, just to tie her directly into the crazy space ending seemed a little annoying. Especially because I’m a fan of her character, I was actually really happy with the ‘species of feces’ scene at the start of the ep.

What a weird, awkward way to end an otherwise awesome show. I am sad to see it go, as the last handful of episodes had been the strongest of the series (including the finale, if you cut out those last six minutes). Now to check out the UK version, I guess.



~ by Jerk on April 3, 2009.

2 Responses to “17 Episodes of Awesome ’70s Cop Action, 6 Minutes of… Other…. Stuff.”

  1. you wanted it to end as it pixeleated? or is it just a bad screen shot?

  2. No, it pixelated. Right before he woke up in 2035 on a mission to Mars.

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