The Unluckiest Bitch 2.0 – Chloe

hex-817-chloeA while back I wrote about how Tess Mercer was the unluckiest bitch alive but I’m starting to think that’s changed.  Meet Chloe Sullivan.

Let’s just take a little tally here.  Her family is.. well dead.  Childhood home?  Exploded.  Lives above the Talon and drives 3 hours to work every day.  Has dated more psychos than one can count.  Adam Brody tried to chainsaw her in half.  Lost her dream job, never graduated college while her cousin, who also never went to college takes over her dream life and looks hotter doing it.  Has been screwed every way from Sunday by one member of the Luthor clan or the other.  Was hooked up to creepy tubes by said Luthor. Loves/ed an alien who doesn’t love her back. Was possessed by Spike.  Spent some time in a dungeon.  Got married to Jimmy Olson. euck! and was kidnapped by doomsday in her wedding dress.  Lost Jimmy Olson. yay! and now she’s locked in a basement with Davis Bloom, pretty much forever.

I think it started sometime last year, when my arms started getting tired of holding up my Chlark Forever! sign.  She got snippy and short with Clark and while I agree he’s pretty dumb sometimes, the man saves the world or your ass on a daily basis while keeping up a day job facade, maybe lets cut him a little slack.  She’s been stretched by storylines so wide in the past year and a half that it makes sense that she’s a different person but the question is does Clark need this different person?  I feel like they’re struggling to force those coffeetime catch ups that seem to be replacing the barn scenes.  That said I have really enjoyed the past two end scenes with Chloe making strong decisions.  I wonder what the team would have to say about watchtower hooking up with the enemy.  I’m reading the Death of Superman right now and they’re kinda getting their asses kicked.

smallville-season8-29It’s these drastic jumps from week to week.  She wants to save the world then she wants to help the enemy.  Actually, seeing Chloe go darkside would be really great, maybe if she got her power back and it was something more menacing.

While watching this week’s show a friend text me to say “Allison Mack, you should have left when you had the chance.”  How sad is the truth in that statement?  And the chance she speaks of was when Lex and Lana put their foot down.  The powers that be fought really hard to keep Chloe on the show knowing she was a fan favorite if not a staple of this universe.  If that was fact why did they let her turn into this.

Season 8 has been impressive and I’m glad it’s happened but when it’s looked back upon in a macro sense it will be seen as part of the long slow decline of Chloe.  The character and the actress deserve better.



~ by doublebitch on April 4, 2009.

9 Responses to “The Unluckiest Bitch 2.0 – Chloe”

  1. this a revenge from CW because allison mack blackmailed them to get a bigger paycheck last season

  2. if it was revenge they could have done better, like Izzy and George on Grey’s. Now that’s payback.

  3. Chloe and Allison Mack were the reason I held on as long as I did, she was the reason why I started watching again. But the wedding, it was more than I could take and I haven’t watched since. She, deserves better.

  4. Then be glad you missed how Jimmy wakes up from his coma/injuries/whatever, and immediately gets addicted to morphine and yells at Chloe that marrying her was the biggest mistake of his life.

  5. Her childhood home didn’t explode, it was the safe house the police put her in at the end of season three. And her family isn’t dead.

  6. Wait, I just realized, if you stopped watching after the wedding, you missed Legion, one of the greatest episodes of the series!

  7. Legion? One of the greatest episodes of the series? Why exactly? Did Tom Welling suddenly find a way to emote?

  8. It was written by Geoff Johns, a comic book writer. He’s:
    a) been writing Action Comics for a couple years and is heavily versed in the Superman lore
    b) is obviously a huge fan of the show and a love for the characters was apparent in how he wrote them
    c) just a really really good writer.

    Hell, the episode had a lot of Lana in it, and it was still good, that has to say something right there.

  9. Okay, the safe house exploded and effectively her parents are dead or dead to her. It’s not like she can go see them on the weekend or has any contact with them at all, all based on unfortunate circumstances surrounding the Luthors.

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