Goddammit Jack

lost-jack-failI’ve never been much of a fan of Jack Shephard, even early on in the series. Hell, I’d rank Boone higher on my ‘favourite characters’ list than I would Jack. As time went by, all I found was progressively more reasons to dislike Jack as he made one bad decision after another. Sure, he’s not the only person to make poor choices on Lost, Locke did choose to not enter the numbers and blew up the Swan station, but at least he realized his mistake. I don’t remember Jack ever apologizing for leading Keamy and the rest of the people from Widmore’s boat to the Island. Because that didn’t get a bunch of the Oceanic 815 survivors killed or anything.

One thing that was especially annoying to me about Lost was how, despite his sucktitude as a leader, everyone continued to look to Jack for advice and decisions. Last season that started to finally change however, when Sawyer and his group decided not to follow Jack, and instead moved into the Dharma compound. Now with this season, everyone seems to be realizing what a cock he is. I’m totally shipping Kate/Ben’s Dad, just because that would screw over Jack.

lost-richard-benWhich brings us to Jack’s latest terrible decision, refusing to perform surgery on young Ben to save his life. First of all, nice Hippocratic oath there, dick. Secondly, in order to save Ben’s life Sawyer (who it must be said, has become a far better leader than Jack ever was) and Kate have to turn to the Others and Richard’s mysterious ancient temple of healing, or whatever. As the Others take Ben, Richard makes it quite clear that their method of healing him will make him into the man he is in modern times. So way to go Jack, it turns out that it was your douchery that made Ben. Good work.



~ by Jerk on April 5, 2009.

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