Sunday Night Quick-Six

ted_danson1)  Damages took a dive in the ratings for it’s second season finale.  When your show is sucking for the finale you’ve got a problem.  I just happen to know what it is.  You keep showing old man Ted Danson having sweaty grunty sex and it’s terrible!  Nobody wants to see that. Nobody.

2) Michael Hogan (Col. Tigh, BSG) said in an interview a few months ago that he’d do a few fan conventions and call it quits, that he wasn’t going to be one of those guys who goes to cons the rest of their lives.  That said, he is signed up to be at almost every con this season.  Enjoy.  I hope this lasts till FanExpo.  Also? EJO is doing Dragon Con with Mary McDonnell.  I want!

3) Some NBC affiliates don’t think Leno is prime time material.  Good call, he’s not.  Let’s work on this.


McShane poses in 1973

4) Cupid 2.0  -I caught the last few minutes and I know that’s not enough to make judgment on but it was almost verbatim of the original pilot in some scenes. Why don’t you just air the old one?  Jeremy Pivin, while not that attractive? hotter and more famous than this guy.

5)Kings – I’m liking Kings, I’m a little behind on that too but it’s over all pretty good.  The two guards who provide the comic relief seem ill placed and I’m having trouble liking McShane mostly because I feel that while I know and love him as an evil character, I know and love him as a smart one.  I find the king to be more kniving than smart at this point.

6)I just found out there’s a top model type show with drag queens.  “Ru Paul’s Drag Race”  I have to find this!  I’m very excited.

Have a good week!


~ by doublebitch on April 5, 2009.

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